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Real big questions about Halloween

As part of this year's Light Party campaign, children from a school in London were given the opportunity to ask questions about Halloween and Christianity.

The questions are featured in the Light Party Pack along with some advice on how to handle the tricky questions that might come from children and young people at your Light Party.

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Here at SU we're currently putting our heads together, asking the experts and coming up with some answers to these questions. Do pop back here in August to find out our answers to these tricky questions!

But for now, why not check out the questions below and get your thinking cap on?

Halloween beginnings

  • Why is Halloween in October?
  • How did Halloween start?
  • How is Halloween linked to Christianity?
  • Why do we call it Halloween and what does Halloween mean?
  • What is Halloween basically all about?
  • What does Halloween symbolise and why?
  • Does Halloween represent death or dead people?
  • Is Halloween real or fake?

Halloween and the devil

  • Is Halloween the devil’s (Satan’s/Shatan’s) birthday?
  • Is the devil real?
  • Where did the devil come from?
  • Does the devil have horns and a tail?
  • Why are there ghosts? Are they real?

Halloween practices

  • Why do some people celebrate Halloween and others don’t?
  • Why do people do scary things on this night?
  • Why do people go around looking for candy?
  • Why do people dress up/wear costumes at Halloween?
  • Why do people go trick or treating, and why is it called that?
  • Why do people carve pumpkins?

Halloween and God

  • Why is God magic?
  • Is God a person or a spirit?
  • Why did God create bad people?
  • Why do bad things happen when God’s love is with us?
  • What’s wrong with Halloween anyway? Why is it bad, or evil, or dark?
Some helpful questions and answers about Halloween and how we can respond as Christians.
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