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Sports outreach

Giving faith a sporting chance

Sport brings children and young people together regardless of background and provides wonderful opportunities to build self-esteem, well-being and opportunities to share faith

Disturbingly in a recent Princes Trust Survey, 750,000 children said they had nothing to live for.

Every day Scripture Union workers see young people who are searching for love, a sense of indentity and for role models to follow. Yet, most of them know nothing of the God who loves them and has a purpose for their lives.

Through years of piloting sports ministry we know that it can offer great opportunities for reaching out to children and young people where they are at. It's brilliant for teaching Christian values like integrity, teamwork, and discipline and ultimately to help children and young people have the opportunity to know God and a sense of belonging and purpose.


With your support we can take the gospel to where these children and young people are through sports ministry.

Children at a sports ministry project

Challenging hopelessness

Alex’s sports ministry project is providing a new narrative to the destructive one that emerges when local children witness the increasing affluence of parts of Kings Cross at it becomes gentrified, while at the same time seeing no way for them to attain such material wealth and status.

See how SU sports ministry is giving faith a sporting chance in...

Building on Scripture Union's long and well established history of writing and delivering curriculum and extra-curriculum resources that serve the school and build church–school links, Scripture Union has developed resources that connect the Christian faith, education and the language and activity of sport.
Critical to our approach to mission through sport is around mobilising local Christians into their public open spaces - engaging with their community in this shared space. We are seeking an approach that symbolically means we ‘go back to the beach'. This is at the heart of who we are and our long history.
Holiday clubs, all-age services, non-residential sports camps, Sweaty Church, sports mission kits have all been trialled and developed to best equip mission to take place in a church context.

Please help a child to hear the good news of Jesus through sports ministry



A gift of £5 could provide sports equipment enabling our workers to reach children and young people through a wide range of sports activities.

An after schools sports club


A gift of £15 could help SU workers run an after school sports club, introducing many children to Jesus.

Children playing in a playground


A gift of £42 could enable an SU worker to run a sports session in a local MUGA (Multi-use Games Area), introducing 50 young people to Jesus.

"Esther began to open up, to make new friends and to ask questions about God."



"Esther and her brother Matthew come from a broken family. They came to our sports club on a regular basis, and slowly Esther began to open up, to make new friends and to ask questions about God. I encouraged her to come along to Youth Alpha and it is really great to see that God has done some remarkable work in her heart and now she is talking about getting baptised." Bob Milton, Widnes Sports Project

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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