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International Grant Fund

Support Scripture Union around the world

Many SU supporters donate to the global SU family through the Scripture Union England and Wales International Fund. We ensure the funding goes to where the need is greatest, or if you have a special link with an international project we can ensure your donation is received by your chosen project.

Supporting SU movements in the developing world

Founded in 1867, Scripture Union has spread to over 130 countries; our activities and methods vary but they are linked through an international fellowship. Each autonomous national movement works through local people to make Jesus known.

Many SU movements are active in economically developing countries and are unable to exist without help from the wider SU family. The Scripture Union England and Wales International Fund is our mechanism to support a great number of projects that would not be able to exist without our supporters' help.

Please do read the small selection of case studies below, taken from the many projects the fund is currently supporting, and consider making a donation towards this work to enable us to continue to bring the good news to the next generation.

A few examples of what donations to our fund are supporting...

SU Pakistan works within a Muslim majority country aiming to make the good news of Jesus known. The SU Pakistan team facilitate their massively popular Bible trading cards playground game, various methods of schools ministry, family support, church outreach support, and Bible camps. Thanks to the support of the Scripture Union England & Wales International Fund, SU Pakistan have made several improvements to their Bible camps, enabling them to invite even more children to experience a Christian camp.
SU Sierre Leone is one of the main providers of children’s ministry in Sierre Leone. In addition it is a provider of aid to those effected by HIV/Aids. In 2015 Sierre Leone was hit by the Ebola outbreak. SU supporters via the Scripture Union England & Wales International Fund were instrumental to the SU Ebola response, funding the immediate aftercare of food, radios, and medical supplies.
Since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, Scripture Union has been hard at work spreading the good news where once it was banned. SU Belarus, though still working under challenging conditions, facilitates Bible summer camps, neighbourhood fellowship clubs, and children's/youth ministry training. Thanks to the support of the Scripture Union England & Wales International Fund, SU Belarus has been able to build a water supply to their camp site.

The 95 block

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