Design and Web Support role

Who we are
Festive is a ministry partner of Scripture Union and our aim is to support Christian work in Further Education (FE) and Sixth Forms, specifically with those aged 16-18. 

The Job role
A key part of our work involves producing up to date and attractive resources and information to support student led Christian groups and chaplains in FE and Sixth Forms.  The vast majority of our resources we provide free of charge to all users.

In the coming 12 months we plan to redesign and repackage many of our current resources so to better engage with the young people we serve.  We have recently completed a rebrand and have launched a new website and app and so many of our current resources are now out of date and need freshening up and in some cases a complete overhaul.  

We are therefore looking to bring a new staff member on to our team to help us in the redesigning and redevelopment of our resources.   The role will also involve maintaining and developing our new website and app and some work on supporter publications.

Job Title:    Design and Web Support
Reports to:    Director
Responsible for:    Design of publications and resources
Ongoing management of website and app
Other ongoing creative projects
Salary:    £260.00 per calendar month – 6 hours per week
Place of work:    Home or suitable venue close to employee
Contract:    This role will be contracted for an initial 12 months. 

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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