Jesus Died for Me?

Jesus Died For Me?

Jesus Died For Me? is a poetic retelling of why Jesus died, how he rose from the dead and how he did it all for us. It features stunning line illustrations for children to colour in while reflecting on the words. Along with these beautiful books, you can now get a free animation and resource pack, brimming with ideas for using Jesus Died For Me? at your Easter events. Welsh versions of the bookresource pack  and animation are also available

Jesus died for me?

Share the Easter story

Available in packs of ten, these beautiful little books are ideal for sharing the good news of Jesus with children in your family, your community, at your local school or attending your Easter events. It is the perfect gift to let children know just how much God loves and cares for them.

Jesus died for me open books

Beautifully Illustrated and includes pages children can colour in

Jesus Died For Me? features pages children can colour in. These pages contain positive messages for them to reflect on as they fill them with vibrant colours, bringing those messages to life in their own unique way. Messages that tell them that they are loved and important to God. 

Jesus Died For Me open book stacked

Get copies of Jesus Died For Me?

Jesus Died For Me? Is just £10 for a pack of ten – the perfect Easter gift for children. 

Jesus died for me?

Jesus Died For Me? Animation

Our beautiful storybook Jesus Died For Me? is also available as a video animation. It's a great way to share the Easter story in online group meetings and services. 

Jesus Died For Me? Resource pack

FREE Jesus Died For Me Resource pack

Brimming with ideas for making the most of the Jesus Died For Me? books and animation, this FREE resource pack will help you run fun, gospel-centred Easter sessions in a variety of settings (celebration events, group sessions and school assemblies). 

Bu Farw Iesu Drosof Fi?

Also available in Welsh

Jesus Died For Me? is also available in Welsh, along with the accompanying resource pack and animation:

Bu Farw Iesu Drosof Fi?   |   Pecyn Adnoddau’r   |   Animation

Girl Egg painting Easter

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Find all you need to celebrate Easter with our great selection of Easter resources! Our newest FREE download Celebrate Easter 2023 is a compilation of the best of our Easter resources! 

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