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Bookings Terms and Conditions

When booking on to any event it is important to know what you are signing up to. Here are the T's & C's for Scripture Union Holidays and Events. If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch.

What does the price include?

For holidays, the price includes full board and accommodation, activities, equipment and excursions unless otherwise stated. The holidays are based at outdoor centres, independent schools and campsites at various locations in Great Britain unless otherwise stated. Accommodation arrangements are in separate sex bedrooms or tents, generally sleeping between two and eight young people. Different prices reflect the cost to Scripture Union of hiring the site as well as the activities undertaken. In an effort to keep the cost of the holidays as affordable as possible many volunteer team members also pay a fee.

For non-residential events the price includes all activities and equipment. Different prices reflect the cost to Scripture Union of hiring the site as well as the activities undertaken. In an effort to keep the cost of the non-residential events as affordable as possible, many volunteer team members also pay a fee.

What about travel?

The cost of travel to the holiday or event venue is not included in the fee unless indicated. Parents and guardians are responsible for the travel arrangements to and from the venue. On some holidays there may be organised transport arranged for you by the holiday leader and at least two adults will escort these groups. Those who travel independently on public transport to a holiday can be met at the coach or railway station nearest to the holiday venue. No such arrangements are available for non-residential events.

Who is on the team?

All the holidays and events are run by experienced adult team, some of whom are full-time Scripture Union workers, the majority are volunteers. There is a high ratio of team to young people, normally 1:4. The team is given appropriate training prior to the holiday or event.

Scripture Union has a Safeguarding Policy and all holiday and event leaders and team members are subject to this. All adult team members are subject to an Enhanced Disclosure issued by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Details can be obtained from the Scripture Union National Office.

What about safety?

The issue of safety is taken seriously throughout the event. All activities carry an inherent risk and this is minimised to an appropriate level by taking all reasonable steps. All outdoor pursuit activities are carried out under qualified supervision. This supervision maybe by our own leaders or leaders hired from a centre accompanied by our own. All recommended safety equipment is always worn, buoyancy aids for water activities and helmets for climbing, cycling or karting. Equipment is checked and maintained to a high standard. For water-based outdoor activity holidays, participants must be confident in water when wearing a buoyancy aid. Scripture Union Holidays is registered with the Adventure Activities Licensing Service as licensed to provide Norfolk Broads cruising activities. Licence details can be confirmed by calling the Licensing Service, 02920 755715.


Money matters

The Scripture Union Holiday Fund assists young people from families on income-related benefits or low incomes to attend our holidays who would otherwise be unable to without financial help. You can find out more on our "Applying for a holiday grant" page.  You must apply before the holiday and preferably at least eight weeks before the holiday starts.  You can do this by ticking the relevant box on the booking form, and you will then be sent a link to an online application form. If you need a paper version of the form, please call the Scripture Union National Office on 01908 856177.

Whilst you are waiting for a response to your application please do not pay the balance of fees. If you do pay and then receive a grant, resulting in an overpayment, Scripture Union will refund the equivalent grant amount less a £10 administration charge. If no grant is awarded your deposit will be refunded.

The balance of your fees is due not later than eight weeks before the holiday or event commences. If payment is not made by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking. Full payment should accompany bookings made within eight weeks of the holiday or event.

For other method of payment options please contact the Scripture Union National Office: 01908 856177 or [email protected]

What if I cancel?

The Booking Secretary should be informed immediately. Your deposit is non-refundable, but if you cancel more than eight weeks before the holiday or event we will refund any additional fees paid, though there will be an administration charge of £10 per booking. If you cancel eight weeks or less before the holiday or event commences you will be liable for the full fee. (See What about insurance?)

What if the holiday is cancelled?

If a holiday or event has to be cancelled Scripture Union undertakes to refund fees already paid by participants. We have also arranged for the security of your money paid in the unlikely event of our insolvency. An independent trust has been set up to hold the fees until the completion of the holiday. If a holiday or event has to be curtailed, Scripture Union undertakes to refund fees paid in proportion to the time participated on the holiday or event.

What if my child is unwell?

In the event of your child being unwell at the start of the holiday or event, we adhere to current NHS guidelines for school attendance, which can be found here The exception to this is for residential events, where if someone has tested positive for Covid 19, they should stay home for 5 days - this is due to the increased risks of transmission in a residential setting.

Children with diarrhoea and/or vomiting must not be sent to the holiday or event until at least 48 hours after their symptoms have gone.

If a child has a raised temperature or any other symptoms of Covid-19, they too must be kept at home and a test obtained. If they test positive you should follow the current NHS advice. If they test negative, they should not be sent until all their symptoms have gone.  We regret that we cannot offer a refund if a child is unable to attend due to ill health – please see the section below relating to insurance.

What about insurance?

Scripture Union is fully covered for public liability. You are not, however, insured against cancellation, personal accident or injury as a result of an accident or loss of possessions. We therefore suggest those who feel that additional insurance is necessary should make their own arrangements.

Special needs

Whilst recognising that all children are special, some may have needs which require extra support. It is Scripture Union's aim to include such children on our holidays and events within the guidelines of suitable provision and staffing. To do this we ask all parents to give us full details of their child's additional needs (i.e. disability / medical condition/ medication) at the time of booking in order that we can meet those needs to the best of our ability. We must also be advised at the time of booking if a child currently has or has recently experienced any behavioural or social problems which may affect their own safety and / or the well-being of others on the holiday or event.


We expect everyone who goes on the holiday or event to be fully involved in every aspect of the programme, including the informal teaching sessions and doing daily duties, e.g. washing up on some holidays.

Leaving holiday or event site

There are occasions when young people may be allowed to leave the site in small groups unaccompanied by a leader for a short specified period of time. This will be arranged as appropriate to their age and the location. Reasonable measures will always be put in place for them to contact holiday/event leaders e.g. an agreed meeting point. 

Mobile phones

We do not encourage children to bring mobile phones to the holiday or event as experience has taught us that their use can cause homesickness and inconvenience to the smooth running of the programme. Our leaders do have permission to ban their use and where they are permitted we expect them to be switched off and stored securely except at designated times.


Your child may be photographed on the holiday or event! You can to let us know if you are happy to give consent for this during the booking process. The photographs will only be used by SU or organisations in sympathy with SU to which express permission may be granted. We cannot take responsibility for any photographs/video clips that are put onto social networking sites by guests on the holidays and events. Scripture Union may also use photographs/video clips for which consent has been given to promote its holidays and events on such sites.

Data protection

Scripture Union will hold your details securely but will not release the information to any third party. Some details may be shared with the team and an address list may be shared with the young people and team on your chosen holiday or event enabling them to make contact outside of the holiday or event, but if you are not happy for this to happen you can let us know during the booking process.  We may contact you after the holiday to find out your views so that we can improve things for the future.

Any comments?

We welcome your comments in order to continue to improve our service. If there is a problem with the holiday or event please contact us immediately and we will do our utmost to find a satisfactory solution. We would also like to hear from you with your positive comments.

Scripture Union reserves the right to:

  • refuse any application,
  • alter or cancel a holiday or event where necessary,
  • ask a young person to leave the holiday or event if their behaviour is incompatible with the general enjoyment and well-being of others, in which case the parent or guardian will be informed and collection arrangements must be made at their own expense and no refund will be given

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