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Creating safe spaces for exploring faith in Jesus.

At Scripture Union, keeping children safe is of paramount importance, and the need to provide adequate care for children and young people is at the forefront of any event planning.

Safeguarding Policy

Our Safeguarding Policy is the key document that sets out our legal responsibilities and how we will fulfil them. It also lays out the procedures we will follow.

Useful resources

We take safeguarding seriously and want to help you (as parents, guardians, children and youth workers) as you help the children and young people you know, to better understand what safeguarding means for them. Here are some resources created by both Scripture Union and other organisations that you may find useful.

Please note that we take no responsibility for the content of external sites, so please do check content before showing to children. 

For Adults

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Produced by the Department of Education, this document exists to help parents/carers know the sorts of questions they should be asking of anyone who runs any out-of-school activities.
Listen up and learn a little with the NSPCC. This free 10-minute digital training session will show you where to go if you need support, and how to speak up for children who need it. Because that little bit of knowledge can help keep a lot of children safe.

Online Safety

Guardians of Ancora is a game app designed to help children do just that, but if you’re new to the world of gaming don’t despair. This updated handy guide will help you get started in keeping your children safe online.
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Lockdown may be over but as engagement with children and young people online continues, these principles remain good ones to follow.
Having a mobile phone and going online is great for lots of reasons. But it's important to be aware of the dangers too. Learn how to stay safe online.

Don't miss

Children in school uniform
This NSPCC resource is used in schools across the UK to help children develop autonomy on the subject of safeguarding. With tailored guides for children with autism and SEND also available.
The PANTS Guide
Meet Pantosaurus - The NSPCC's pant-wearing friendly Dino!
The PANTS Guide
Meet Pantosaurus - The NSPCC's pant-wearing friendly Dino!

Got a concern?

At Scripture Union we encourage and welcome anyone to raise a concern including our staff, volunteers, partners, the people, churches and communities we work with, our supporters as well as members of the public.

You can do this by contacting our Safeguarding Manager, Rachel Settatree by emailing [email protected] or calling her on 01908 856072⁠.


Useful contacts

Sometimes we need a bit more help and there are a number of specialist organisations out there who can offer just that.

Help us keep children and young people safe

The Safeguarding Advisory Group, is a group of people with professional and voluntary knowledge and experience of safeguarding, who create a sound board for the safeguarding team working in Scripture Union England and Wales. With a range of skills, backgrounds and experience, our Safeguarding Advisory Group members, commit to meeting twice a year and responding to safeguarding concerns as they occur.

We are so thankful for our members as they offer up their time and expertise to help us keep the children and young people we connect with safe.

If you'd like to apply to join the Safeguarding Advisory Group you can click on the link below to view current vacancies or if there are no current vacancies, contact our Safeguarding Manager, Rachel Settatree, [email protected] to discuss further.

Independent Review

You can read our statements and updates on the Independent Case Review (John Smyth) here

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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