Scripture Union | Inviting children and young people to explore the difference Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures of life


Inviting children and young people to explore the difference Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures of life

Sadly, many children don't know what Christmas is all about. But, together, we can introduce thousands to the real meaning of Christmas and bring joy and hope to many young lives. Find out how you can help children hear all about Jesus this Christmas...
Wondering what to do for children and young people at Halloween? Why not run a Light Party as a fantastic Christian alternative to the usual Halloween celebrations?! Order your free Light Party Pack today.
Gleaned from evaluation of over 1,500 activities, our new 'Mission Possible' report contains our findings and recommendations to help you achieve success in mission. Download your free copy today.
Got a great idea that will help children and young people hear about Jesus but you're struggling with the funds)? We might be able to help! Apply for a grant from The Good News Fund today.
Financial difficulties shouldn’t be a barrier to children meeting with Jesus. With your support, the Scripture Union Holiday Fund will help many more children and young people go on an SU holiday, and perhaps discover the difference Jesus can make in their lives.
Last year, thanks to your prayers and generous support, thousands of children and young people were able to explore the difference Jesus could make to their lives. Take a look at our latest Mission Report to see just some of the great things that happened.
Introducing our daily 95 Campaign blog from the SU community – a great addition to your day if you have a heart for children and young people to come to know Jesus. If you're part of The 95 Campaign already, why not join our exlusive facebook group, The 95 Community, and get the blog in your timeline each and every day?!
Light Compendiums

Light just got easier to use

Your favourite Sunday School resource been improved to make it easier for you to use.

Replacing four quarterly magazines, the new Light Compendiums contain a whole year's worth of sessions all in one handy volume, including children's handouts to copy or download. 

With a compendium available for each age range (Bubbles, Splash!, Xstream and the GRID), you'll have everything you need to run your sessions for the entire year.

The compendiums are available now with a special introductory 15% discount.

Please note: The July-September issues will be the last of the quarterly editions.

Boy laughing and pointing

I don't have Christian parents so SU camps really opened my eyes to God!

Child jumping in puddle

The 95 Campaign

It's estimated that 95% of children and young people in England and Wales aren't in church. So we need to step out and engage with them where they are! 

The 95 Campaign is all about encouraging and equipping those with a heart for the 95%. Together, we can ensure children who don't go to church have even more opportunities to discover Jesus for themselves.

Light web resources

Light web resources

Looking for the free web resources to accompany your Light session? You're in the right place!

Download your resources to enhance your exciting Bible-based sessions.


The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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