Rooted: a new model for youth work to help young people thrive


Creating safe spaces for children and young people to explore who they are, why they matter and the difference Jesus makes...

What is Rooted?

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Rooted offers a new and different approach to youth ministry. By encouraging the development of long-term relationships with young people, Rooted provides strong foundations for the nurture of lifelong, authentic faith. It is a simple way for churches and youth leaders to engage young people where they are at.

Rooted is an innovative and flexible framework for long-term relational ministry with young people, which can be used in any context, with any level of faith development and with any level of ability. 

The Rooted model starts where young people are at - culturally, in their interests and passions, and at their faith stage – seeking to provide space for each young person to grow, flourish and be nurtured in a safe, committed and compassionate Christian community.  

Get Rooted

Rooted is available as a free PDF download containing ten sessions for you to work through with your group. Rooted also includes ideas on how you can maintain your relationship with your rooted group.
Alternatively, if you would prefer a hard copy, the leader's guide is also available as a printed book. The printed leader’s guide also contains advice on running Rooted sessions, starting your own Rooted ‘Hub’ and suggestions for further development.

Rooted Junior

Rooted Junior offers a new and different approach to children’s ministry by creating space for children aged 8 to 11 to explore who they are, why they matter and the difference they can make.

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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