Creating safe spaces for children and young people to explore who they are, why they matter and the difference Jesus makes...

Rooted Tent

What is Rooted?

Rooted offers a new and different approach to youth ministry. By encouraging the development of long-term relationships with young people, it provides strong foundations for the nurture of lifelong, authentic faith. It is a simple way for churches and youth leaders to engage young people.

Rooted is an innovative and flexible framework for long-term relational ministry with young people, which can be used in any context, with any level of faith development and with any level of ability. 

Rooted starts where young people are at - culturally, in their interests and passions, and at their faith stage –  providing space for each person to grow, flourish and be nurtured in a safe, committed and compassionate Christian community.  

Rooted Tent Group

Rooted Hubs

Rooted is a model that creates spaces for young people to explore who they are, why they matter and the difference Jesus can make in their life. Rooted hubs are growing in schools, youth groups, local communities and the church. The heart of rooted is to help young people and children to understand that God’s love is relevant in the ‘roots’ of who they are 

Rooted hubs come in all different shapes and sizes from sports hubs, to school lunchtime hubs, illustration hubs, drop-in hubs, and evening hubs. The DNA of a rooted hub is that the young people can chat, learn new skills, build friendships, and have space to delve deeper into big life questions and faith,

Boy reading the Rooted journal

Where do I start?

If you're looking to setup a Rooted Hub, the best place to start is with our Rooted Leaders Guide. Filled with workshop ideas, activities, faith exploration and conversation ideas it's a resource that will help you grasp the heart of Rooted and take the first steps in creating a space for young people to grow. 

To support young people we have a collection of journals, and conversation cards to encourage conversation, exploration and reflection both in groups and individually. 

If you're still unsure, check out our sample pages below. 

Products in the Rooted series

Leader's Guide print version
Help teens explore their identity using our Rooted series. This brilliant leaders guide is full of sessions that cover topics such as, understanding emotions, exploring self-worth, wellbeing and influences, helping you to connect with young people, allowing them to discover Jesus and all that he created them to be in a safe space.

The Rooted Journal gives young people the chance to make space to explore the differences that Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures of life in, appropriate and sensitive ways. Created to work beautifully with your Leaders Guide Rooted Journal can also be used in different group and individual contexts.
Rooted Grow Journal
Rooted Grow Journal encourages young people to delve into the Bible, respond to what God is saying to them while growing in their relationship with him. The journal covers significant life themes, such as hope, wisdom, anxiety, life and death and forgiveness.
Rooted Hub Cards help start conversations with young people in lots of different contexts. Each card has questions that cover a range of topics around faith, wellbeing, lifestyle and contemporary culture. They're a great way to break the ice and encourage meaningful, relevant conversations.

Product Samples

Download some sample pages and see how Rooted can fit beautifully into your context.

rooted junior

Rooted Junior

Rooted Junior invites 8-11 year olds to explore who they are and why they matter while making space for them to wrestle with the big questions of life. As a Rooted Junior leader, you have the privilege of journeying alongside these children and helping them in their exploration, while sharing something of your own journey so far.

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