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Faith Guide Holidays

We have been organising holidays and activities for children, young people, and families for more than 100 years. But this year (2023) there is something new to shout about...

‘For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.' (Isaiah 43:19, NLT)

Child on climbing wall at Launchpad 2022

So, what is this new thing that is helping us share the good news of Jesus?

Across England and Wales, Faith Guide holidays are springing into life. Trialled last year, these holidays create brilliant opportunities to bring together churches, Faith Guides, Local Mission Partners and the children and young people they connect with.

Scripture Union are excited to be creating a unique environment for children and young people from the 95% who don’t yet have a vibrant faith in Jesus, to experience the fun of a Scripture Union holiday, combined with  exploration of faith, in a local residential setting. 

One holiday isn't enough

High Tide is one of 13 Faith Guide holidays running in 2023. It brings together several Faith Guides, Local Mission Partners and volunteers, who are connected and exploring faith with groups of under-18s who don’t go to church. The holiday is a chance for these groups to have time away together and to ask questions such as: ‘Is Jesus relevant to me today?’

In August 2022, almost 30 young people from across Portsmouth and the surrounding area came together at a school in Surrey for a four-day High Tide holiday based around TV game shows. Activities were centred around a number of popular programmes, including Bake Off, Hunted, Taskmaster, Repair Shop and Million-Pound Drop, plus laser tag, a silent disco, worship, teaching and discussion.

Jenni Whymark

Jenni Whymark, Mission Enabler in the South East region, and part of the team leading High Tide, shared:

‘In the small-group time, one of the girls in my group suddenly said how she wanted to thank us for the holiday, and how it was there that she gave her life to Jesus. Others took steps to see their own faith grow, from exploring more, to stepping out to pray for their friends. One girl’s knee was healed.’

We'd love for you to be part of this!

Youth cooking

One holiday isn’t enough to accommodate the numbers of young people who want to attend, so Jenni will be working alongside Faith Guides and volunteers in the Portsmouth area to put on two High Tide holidays in 2023, so that even more young people from the 95 can hear and respond to the good news of Jesus.

With 13 Faith Guide holidays taking place across England and Wales this year, we are asking you to be part of a summer of blessing.

The blessing of prayer

We would love for you to join us as we pray for

...the preparations for 2023 holidays: teaching plans, team organisation, logistics etc.

...all Faith Guide holidays to be full. Please pray for more volunteers to help with reaching the 95.

...young people to be able to come and nothing to stop them.

...young people from the 95 to encounter Jesus and become radical disciples for him, that a generation might be changed. 

The blessing of giving

Help us share the love of God this summer with those children and young people from the 95 attending a Faith Guide holiday.

Will you be one of 550 people to give £100, so that we can run 13 Faith Guide holidays?

The average cost for a child or young person to attend a holiday is £150. Could you bless a child or young person by contributing £50 towards the cost of attending a Faith Guide holiday?

The average food cost for a residential is £1,500. Are you able to give £20 towards the cost of food for a day for a child or young person.

Craft materials and equipment for other activities could be provided for £5 per child or young person. Will you help?

Revealing Jesus (CTA part width) skateboard girl
Revealing Jesus (girl skateboard)

The Revealing Jesus mission framework

Although each child and young person is different, our research and experience show us that most go through the same stages as they become and grow as a Christian: Connect, Explore, Respond and Grow.

The Revealing Jesus mission framework provides shaping principles for each stage, but also offers flexibility in expression as we recognise that contexts, and children and young people themselves, vary hugely.

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

Join us