How to respond when a child tries to steal a Bible…

At Scripture Union we are passionate about children exploring the Bible and growing in faith. That’s why the Diary of a Disciple Fylde Coast Project got me excited!   

Whilst off work recovering from a knee operation (and lots of time on my hands) we wondered if it would be possible for our SU staff team to train and resource (for free) churches to run the 90 minute workshop with 1000 children across the area. The moment we publicly spoke this idea out for the first time was a scary one….

However, our fears were unfounded….! By the end of the two week project 1030 children had explored the re-telling of Luke’s gospel, all had their own copy to take home with one book also left in each classroom! One child even tried to smuggle a Bible out under his jumper without us seeing. Obviously we had to stop him but his enthusiasm made us smile!


“I learnt the bible actually has some interesting stories... maybe it’s not as boring as I thought!”


“Reading this helps me believe in Jesus”

And one that really made me smile:

“Harry Potter is boring in comparison to this"

Girl reading Diary of a Disciple

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