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It's Your Move in lockdown

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With all the disruption to schools this year, supporting children about to take the step to secondary school is more important than ever!

Cath Hawes, Children’s Worker at Christ Church in Potters Bar, says, 'Children are especially anxious about moving schools this year, so using It’s Your Move with them is more important than ever.

'Our four local primary schools, who have 150 Year 6 children between them, are really keen on us sharing It’s Your Move with the pupils. They know how important it is to help the children close one chapter of their lives and open another, especially when that school transition isn’t taking place in normal circumstances. It’s Your Move will help each child to explore what’s different and unique about them, and how they can use those qualities to feel much more confident about going to Secondary school.

"Usually, we’d go into schools and hold an assembly at which we’d give out the It’s Your Move books. But this year we can’t do that because of Covid-19 restrictions."

'Instead, the schools will get the It’s Your Move books into pupils’ hands, and we’ve put together a pre-recorded video. The schools can choose whether to screen it in the school building or online for pupils at home.

'It’s a great way for us to keep our faces in front of the children, to maintain that personal connection. Plus we can use the video footage to help promote It’s Your Move to new schools next year.”

Get your own virtual It's Your Move Workshop

If you haven't got the time or skills to produce your own video session, don't worry! We've put together our own virtual It's Your Move workshop video that you can use to help Year 6 Pupils this year. The video is free and it's dead easy to use. All you'll need is a friendly teacher who can share the video, either online for the children to watch at home or in class for children who are in school.

Download the virtual workshop video

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