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Prayers for December 2022 - February 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying for Scripture Union's work!

Week beginning November 27

This week's prayers relate to this story. Please pray for all our amazing volunteers, for their dedication and their passion to share Jesus with children and young people.

Sunday 27 Give thanks to God for Lottie, for leading her to faith and giving her life new purpose and meaning through the SU beach mission at Sutton on Sea.

Monday 28 Please pray for God to bless Lottie as she shares Jesus with children on the mission who aren’t from church backgrounds. Please also pray for her as she helps to lead the Christian Union at her university.

Tuesday 29 Praise God for all the volunteers who help to run the SU Sutton on Sea Beach Mission, and for the positive impact it has on the community. Please pray that through it more local children and young people there will discover the joy of knowing Jesus.

Wednesday 30 Give thanks to God for the huge impact our holidays and missions volunteers have on children and young people by sharing the good news of Jesus and by demonstrating what a faith-filled life looks like.

Thursday 1 At the start of Advent, praise God for sending Jesus to be our saviour. Please pray for volunteers in churches who have activities planned to introduce more children and young people not in church to Jesus this Christmas.

Friday 2 Praise God for all of our volunteers – for those who help with holidays and missions, and for those who help in other ways.

Saturday 3 Please pray that God will inspire more people to commit to becoming SU volunteers, particularly for holidays and missions. Their role is so vital in inspiring young people, as they did with Lottie, to follow Jesus and to grow and mature in their faith.

Week beginning December 4

Sunday 4 The last camps and conferences season of the year for SU Uganda begins this week across the country and in the refugee camps. Pray for a positive impact in all the sessions. Their theme will be Philippians 3:14.

Monday 5 Pray for Scripture Union’s Mission Partners serving schools, praying especially for those presenting the Christmas message through various events. Thank God for the opportunity they have to serve both the pupils and teachers in the school context.

Tuesday 6 A Community Christmas is a new resource designed to help churches and other groups reach out to their communities during the Christmas period with the good news of Jesus. Pray that those who come along to activities and events will want to know more.

Wednesday 7 Holiday bookings for 2023 will be opening soon. Please pray that many children and young people will be excited and keen to sign up for the holidays, and pray for the Mission Events team as they get the website and the online systems ready for the new season.

Thursday 8 Scripture Union’s dedicated Finance and Gifts team process the donations from our supporters and pay our suppliers and our staff. Give thanks for Esther, Maureen, Alicia, Susannah and Dave and all that they do. Pray for Dave as he provides leadership to the team.

Friday 9 Local Mission Partner Great Open Door in Harlow is running Christmas workshops exploring which of our seasonal traditions are ‘just tinsel’ and which mean something to Christians and why. Pray for the team Andy, Angela, Jo, Pam and Paul, asking that these sessions will help children and young people to think about why Jesus came.

Saturday 10 Please pray for Content Assistant Annabel Moule as she works on the development of the Be More Micah Environment Collection designed to enable Faith Guides to help young people understand God’s concern for his world.

Week beginning December 11

Sunday 11 SU Hong Kong thanks God for the Chinese version of the Big Bible Challenge and the Big Story of God pamphlet. In August they held two briefing sessions to introduce them to children’s leaders and schoolteachers, and the response has been very encouraging. Pray that they will be well used and that as Chinese children read through 100 Bible stories they will build relationships with God.

Monday 12 Pray that Local Mission Partner Lightspace working in Grantham may have wisdom as they support school communities, listening to staff as they share their hopes and concerns. Pray too for interest and a good response as they share the story of the birth of Jesus.

Tuesday 13 Content Assistant Jill Warren is responsible for managing many of the resources produced by the Development Hub liaising with authors and suppliers. Pray for her as she works on finalising Daily Bread for October to December 2023.

Wednesday 14 Give thanks for all our Faith Guides across the country, for their passion and commitment to the Revealing Jesus framework. Pray that God will equip them to use their gifts as they work with the 95 and journey alongside them.

Thursday 15 Give thanks for the generosity of our family of supporters, who give so faithfully even in difficult economic times. Pray for God’s provision and protection for them, as they too face the economic impact.

Friday 16 Local Mission Partner Soul Children (UK) is a family of youth gospel choirs who gather regularly in their communities to sing and to be family together. Please pray that every young person involved will experience the love, acceptance and peace that come from knowing Jesus.

Saturday 17 Gill Russell, Database Manager, thanks God for guidance and enabling as we have started to embed our new database systems. Pray that she and the team will have wisdom as they seek to improve and develop the database capabilities and engage with new technologies.

Week beginning December 18

Sunday 18 Thank God for the six Vacation Bible School programmes that SU Nepal was able to hold in October reaching over 1000 children. Pray that what they learnt will stay with them and that they will grow in faith.

Monday 19 This term we have had three new Revealing Jesus Pioneers and one Sports Mission Pioneer start working in the North of England. Pray for them in their new roles and that through them we will see many churches engage with Revealing Jesus.

Tuesday 20 Pray that the new worker at Local Mission Partner Farne Churches Youth and Family Outreach would continue to build relationships with local schools and churches and grow the work and reach of the trust.

Wednesday 21 Pray for Richard Shaw as he leads the Mission Development team across England and Wales. The team help establish the Revealing Jesus framework in Faith Guide churches, giving many opportunities for children and young people to grow in faith.

Thursday 22 Please pray for all the children and young people who encountered Jesus on our holidays and missions last summer. Pray that this Christmas, as they think about Jesus coming to earth for them, they will be touched again by the wonder of the gospel.

Friday 23 During COVID the Youth Worker for Local Mission Partner The Bus Stop left and the bus is no longer fit for purpose. Pray for the Trustees as they look to appoint a new Lead Youth Worker, re-establish relationships with ministry partners and raise funds to fit out a new bus.

Saturday 24 Climate change and the environment are top concerns for Gen-Z but where does God fit into the picture? Be More Micah – Environment is a companion collection to the Faith Guide materials launched early in 2022. Pray for Maggie Barfield and the contributors and consultants as they prepare resources for launch.

Week beginning December 25

Sunday 25 This Christmas Day as we celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace we pray for peace around the world and especially for Ukraine where SU writes, ‘As we reach the end of this year of tragedy, of so many lives lost or uprooted from their homes and families, pray for peace and restoration in this war-torn nation ...’

Monday 26 Pray for Wayne Dixon of Local Mission Partner Christian Connections in Schools as he plans for ‘Illuminate’ with musical acts LZ7 and Saintz. Pray especially for the follow-up in schools and local churches sharing Jesus with young people in Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead schools.

Tuesday 27 We have been working with Zoocha, our web development company, to improve the search functionality on our website, making it easier to find resources. Please pray that this update will progress well and help all of those using our content.

Wednesday 28 Pray for Content Innovator Leanne Sheppard as she continues to work closely with Sarah Davison, Mission Enabler in the North, on a new initiative looking at ways of connecting with children and young people in both face-to-face mission and online digital spaces.

Thursday 29 Give thanks for all the Grow Communities and emerging Grow Communities, and the children and young people who are growing in their relationship with God though them. Pray for those who lead them and for the SU Mission Enablers who support them.

Friday 30 Pray for Scripture Union’s Mission Partners working with children and young people in the community. Pray for strength and direction as they can often be working in very challenging areas.

Saturday 31 Please pray for perseverance and insight as SU enters 2023 committed to the ever-wider rollout of our Revealing Jesus framework. Pray that we’ll remain open to learn from our deepening experience of helping local churches and volunteers journey alongside the 95 as they explore faith.

Week beginning January 1

Sunday 1 In October Scripture Union Malawi celebrated 50 years of ministry. Give thanks for the work and pray that God will continue to encourage and provide as they move forward.

Monday 2 Pray for Matt Smith who has spent four years training with the south west region. He is a Faith Guide working full-time as a Youth and Families Worker in Bristol. Please pray for the Friday Youth Group that he is developing and the opportunity that he has to mentor at Trinity Academy.

Tuesday 3 Pray for Rachel Settatree as she returns to her role as Safeguarding Manager after some time off for adoption leave. Pray for wisdom and insight as she leads us in keeping children and young people safe in everything we do.

Wednesday 4 Please pray for Local Mission Partner Christians and Sheffield Schools as they enable Christians to serve schools through a school chaplaincy course, training, Open the Book groups and Prayer Spaces in schools. Please pray for funding and for the appointment of a new Chair of Trustees.

Thursday 5 Please pray for the Mission Events team as they do all the last-minute preparation for the Holiday and Mission Leaders’ Conference next week.

Friday 6 Pray for Regional Mission Team Leader Rob Steward as he leads the SU team in the North of England working with staff, churches, Faith Guides, Local Mission Partners and volunteers. Specifically pray for continued creativity in finding new ways to reach out to the 95.

Saturday 7 As we move into another year, pray for fruitfulness in all Grow Communities asking that children and young people will discover more about Jesus and that they will learn to trust him and grow in faith.

Week beginning January 8

This week's prayers all relate to this story. Please pray for all Faith Guides and the Mission Enablers that are supporting them, as they connect with young people and journey with them towards faith.

Sunday 8 Give thanks to God for transforming Mick’s life, through the Christians that sent him to Wales and those at the rehab centre who helped him to conquer addiction and to discover Jesus.

Monday 9 Please pray for Mick and Hope for the Valleys in their mission to introduce young people in the Welsh valleys to Jesus, and journey with them towards faith.

Tuesday 10 Faith Guide Mick, SU Mission Enabler Jordana and volunteer Lottie did not grow up in Christian homes. Praise God for bringing them to faith, and for now working through them to help young people without church backgrounds to discover Jesus.

Wednesday 11 Give thanks to God for all Faith Guides across England and Wales, for their love for children and young people and passion for helping them to encounter Jesus for themselves.

Thursday 12 Please pray that God will inspire many more Christians to become Faith Guides and help with the vital work of helping the next generation to discover the hope and joy to be found in following Jesus.

Friday 13 As Mick and Jack know, working with schools can provide the means to connect with many children and help them to better understand faith. Please pray that God will provide opportunities for Faith Guides and Mission Enablers across England and Wales to work with many more schools.

Saturday 14 Please pray for our Mission Enablers like Jack and Jordana that God will bless, guide and equip them as they support growing numbers of Faith Guides.

Week beginning January 15

Sunday 15 At the end of last year, Markus Giger finished his work as the National Director of SU in Germanspeaking Switzerland. Silke Sieber and Matthias Ziehli will take his place, sharing the National Director position. Pray for a smooth transition.

Monday 16 Pray that Data Analyst Meri Suokas will have wisdom as she works with the rest of the Digital Solutions team to understand better how we can use analytics to improve the user experience on our website. Pray that this will enable the wider Movement to reach the 95 more effectively.

Tuesday 17 Be More Micah – Racial Justice is a challenging project. Pray for everyone involved in creating this new Faith Guide Hub collection, that they will demonstrate justice, kindness and humility. And pray that the resources will have that same impact for Faith Guides and young people.

Wednesday 18 Pray for Local Mission Partner ICE in Exeter as they work across the schools, offering assemblies, clubs and lessons in the primary schools and mentoring in the secondary schools. Pray for their primary school workers Anne-Marie Cohead and Sally Naylor, and Doug Owen their secondary school worker.

Thursday 19 Thank God for all he has provided and continues to provide. Pray for God’s wisdom for the fundraising team, as they explore new areas of income generation, so that more children and young people can start a journey of faith.

Friday 20 Please give thanks for all the volunteer leaders who give up so much of their time throughout the year to run our events and pray that this weekend will be a great time of refreshment and inspiration for them all.

Saturday 21 Please pray for Director of Mobilisation Rachel Warwick and her team, as they continue to work on new ways to engage with younger audiences to encourage prayer and financial support.

Week beginning January 22

Sunday 22 Recently, 50 copies of the Bible were confiscated at the border of a restricted country and SU personnel were called in for interrogation. Pray that SU will be used by God in the midst of hostility, threat and persecution.

Monday 23 Pray for the South East team as they build on foundations made over the past few months through a wide array of summer opportunities: engaging in outward-facing mission, building relationships with mission partners and churches and forming new relationships through a summer festival.

Tuesday 24 Praise God for the work of the trustees of Scripture Union’s Mission Partners. Thank God for their commitment and faithfulness as they give their time and skills in running these local children’s and youth ministry charities.

Wednesday 25 Please pray for the thousands of children who will be encountering Jesus today as they play the Guardians of Ancora app. Thank God that this mission reaches around the world and right onto the devices that children have in their hands. What a faaaabulous (to use Ancora-speak) opportunity to share the good news of Jesus!

Thursday 26 Pray for Dom Condini who has recently started as the Central Team Leader and for the staff team as they seek to implement the Revealing Jesus framework across the region with their Faith Guides.

Friday 27 Holiday brochures for 2023 will be sent out in late January to all those who have been on our holidays in the past few years. Please pray for the families who receive them, that they will be reminded of great memories from previous years and inspired to come on a holiday again this summer.

Saturday 28 Pray for the work of Local Mission Partner Hunsley Christian Youth Trust and workers Adam and Petra, linked from Label of Love, as they continue to offer assemblies and other events to the schools in the East Yorkshire area.

Week beginning January 29

Sunday 29 Please pray for the volunteer team leaders of Northern Ireland’s camps and missions. There are 10 to 15 newly appointed team leaders; please pray for them as they embark on a new leadership journey. Remember all the team leaders as they prepare for next summer asking that their dreams and plans will be God inspired and fruitful for his kingdom.

Monday 30 Pray for churches planning to run The Restoration Station holiday club during halfterm and Easter holidays. As the children explore stories from John’s Gospel, pray that they will discover the power of Jesus to heal and restore.

Tuesday 31 Pray for Gemma Willis as she leads the Development Hub team. Ask God to give her wisdom as she makes plans for the next few years, creating content that will equip and inspire those working with the 95.

Wednesday 1 Please pray for the SU Board of Trustees who meet today. Pray that they will have wisdom and discernment as they review the draft budget and annual objectives.

Thursday 2 Pray for Rooted hubs meeting across England and Wales and for schools who are running oneto- one mentoring using the Rooted personal journal. Pray too for the Rooted tipi tour creating pop-up spaces for young people to explore who they are, why they matter and the difference Jesus can make.

Friday 3 Give thanks for good relationships and connections between Faith Guides in Portsmouth and Southampton areas that Mission Enabler Jenni Whymark has developed. Please pray for continued friendships to be built between the workers and for High Tide (interchurch youth services) as they expand across the area.

Saturday 4 Please pray for Jim Winning, John Cartwright and Debbie Edge (the Supporter Care team) as they deal with support enquiries, donations and orders. Pray for the team as they look for ways to make the processes more streamlined and effective.

Week beginning February 5

Sunday 5 Pray for SU Taiwan as they aim to deliver the missionary vision: ‘Evangelism, Outreach, and Generational Heritage’ to Chinese Christians around the world. Currently they provide Daily Bible Notes and the children’s Sunday School textbook Yes! Bible which are used to serve hundreds of Chinese churches in 18 countries around the world.

Monday 6 Pray that Local Mission Partner The Pimlico Foundation will see continued growth in their community links with local families and closer relationships with schools and youth groups and that they may find funding to appoint an additional youth worker.

Tuesday 7 Pray for Mission Enabler Toby Chant as he works with Faith Guides and Local Mission Partners across Cornwall. February is a key time in planning for Polzeath Family Mission; pray that team, programme and local partnerships would be in place and that God will give wisdom in decision-making.

Wednesday 8 Give thanks for the many people of all ages who volunteer each year to make our holidays and missions happen. Please pray for people to come forward again this year to serve on our holiday and mission teams and for event leaders as they have conversations with potential new volunteers for the coming season.

Thursday 9 Please pray for the development of an extension of the Showtime Faith Guide hub collection of resources that it will provide more opportunities to reveal Jesus through the creative arts.

Friday 10 Praise God for the work of the many volunteers of Scripture Union’s Mission Partners. Thank God for their faithfulness as they give their time and energy to serve the ministries of the Mission Partners.

Saturday 11 In the next few weeks we aim to finalise the updates to the booking and volunteering processes for our holidays. Please pray for the Digital Solutions team and the Holiday team as they get to grips with the new systems, and that the changes create a better experience for users.

Week beginning February 12

Sunday 12 SU Mauritius ask us to pray for the Bible engagement training programme with children’s and youth leaders of the churches of Rodrigues Island especially that they will be able to arrange meetings for follow-up training. Pray too for the Prayer Walk project that they are initiating.

Monday 13 Pray for Penny Croswell as she provides maternity cover looking after major donors. Pray that she will know God’s leading as she seeks to recruit more major donors enabling us to continue the work. Thank God for those who give so generously.

Tuesday 14 Pray that God will give vision to Faith Guides to start new Grow Communities around the country and that the 95 will come with open hearts to these Grow Communities to connect and hear the good news of Jesus.

Wednesday 15 Pray for the Wales team and in particular Keefe Owen who started in September as a Mission Enabler for North and Mid Wales. Keefe is based in Wrexham but covers a huge area; pray for him as he looks to build up Revealing Jesus churches, Local Mission Partners and volunteers.

Thursday 16 Local Mission Partner Trobwynt has just begun working with local churches running a new dropin centre for young people in Botwnnog on the Llŷn peninsula. Pray for effective work enabling local children and young people to hear about Jesus and helping young people with mental health problems.

Friday 17 Join Mission Enabler Jack Newbould, working in South Wales, in thanking God for all the young people who have come along to recent events. Pray that God would remind them of what they have heard and that they would consider a personal relationship with him.

Saturday 18 Pray for Local Mission Partner Stort Valley Schools Trust as they serve the schools in and around Sawbridgeworth, Bishop’s Stortford, Newport and Saffron Walden. Pray for their worker KT and her team as they head into this year.

Week beginning February 19

Sunday 19 Pray for Scripture Union Laos as they deliver ‘How to share the gospel’ training with local churches, and for their preaching engagements in churches.

Monday 20 Pray for Communications Officer Chloe Shivraj, as she continues to build relationships across the movement. These relationships ensure that stories can be easily identified and shared in engaging ways, demonstrating how alive the gospel is and how God is working through Scripture Union.

Tuesday 21 Each year we run sailing holidays that carry additional regulation as Adventure Activities. Please pray for Alan Sanders who has volunteered with us over many years and who now manages the records of qualifications and experience for our crew members. Please also pray for the technical advisers who enable us to meet the specialist requirements of Adventure Activities Licensing Authority registration.

Wednesday 22 Pray for Local Mission Partner Southampton City Mission as they engage with schools in various activities and RE classes, praying especially that through exploring the Bible with children and young people they will be able to create more Grow Communities.

Thursday 23 Guardians of Ancora clubs are up and running again in schools, churches and community settings. Pray for vision and energy for the volunteers who lead these groups, for the technology to work, for children to love coming along, for searching conversations and for great relationships to be built.

Friday 24 Pray for Tanya Pencheva as she administers the Global Resource Portfolio, which allows SU movements around the world to access and use some of the SU England and Wales published resources. Thank God for the children and young people around the world who will hear of the love of Jesus through this new venture.

Saturday 25 Prayer for James Gregg, Technical Services Assistant, as he balances the requirements of several different IT projects. Pray that the process of upgrading some of our equipment will be smooth and successful, both for us and those we are working with.


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