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Prayers for September to November 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying for Scripture Union's work!

Week beginning August 27

This week's prayers relate to this story. Please pray for all those involved in sharing the good news of Jesus with children and young people in and around Durham.

Sunday 27 Praise God for the partnership between SU and the Diocese of Durham and the fruit that has come out of that partnership, including the event in Durham Cathedral.

Monday 28 Give thanks to God for Ian Kent (SU Revealing Jesus pioneer), Andy Harris (Diocesan Leader of Youth Mission and Ministry) and Sharon Pritchard (Children’s Ministry Adviser). Ask God to bless and inspire them as they support churches across the Diocese of Durham to reach out and connect with children and young people not in church. 

Tuesday 29 Please pray that God will open doors for Ian and the team to connect with many of the primary schools that were at the cathedral event and help them to set up Guardians of Ancora clubs.

Wednesday 30 Please pray for all those Year 6 children who discovered Guardians of Ancora at the Durham Cathedral event and heard the message of Jesus, perhaps for the first time. Ask God to inspire them to continue exploring the game at home, so that they can grow in their understanding of him.

Thursday 31 Please pray for the Faith Guides who have already signed up in Durham, that they will be encouraged as they reach out to connect with children and young people beyond the church walls and share the good news of Jesus with them.

Friday 1 Please pray for more people to be inspired to become Faith Guides so that the next generation will discover Jesus for themselves and the hope and joy that he offers each one of them.

Saturday 2 Praise God for releasing the resources needed to help the Diocese of Durham and SU to respond to his calling to enable young people to connect, explore, respond and grow in faith.


Week beginning September 3

Sunday 3 SU Slovakia gives thanks for the printing and distribution of resources for Sunday school teachers during the summer in time for the new school year. Please pray that these resources will equip the users and enable children to grow in faith.

Monday 4 Pray for the SU Cymru/Wales team as Sian Ifan settles into her role as Support Worker and the team learn to work together. This month they will be having a team retreat day to pray and plan for the year ahead.

Tuesday 5 Pray for Dom Conidi, Central Region Team Leader, as he seeks to develop partnerships with churches and organisations in the region to support the church in its mission to the emerging generation.

Wednesday 6 Give thanks for the volunteers who enabled our holidays and missions to happen and who had such an impact on children and young people this summer. Pray that they will have been inspired by their experiences to continue sharing Jesus with others as they return to their ‘normal’ lives.

Thursday 7 Pray for the members of the Development Hub as they seek to create content for Faith Guides and volunteers who deliver the Revealing Jesus mission framework. Pray that the resources are true to the Bible, user-friendly, appropriate for children and young people in the 95, and exciting and inspirational.

Friday 8 Pray that as Local Mission Partner Future Vision in Sudbury start with new teams and a new leader they will be able to return to schools with Open the Book. Pray that the chaplaincy offered by Ian and Liz in high school will bring effective support to students.

Saturday 9 Please pray for South West Regional Team Leader Margaret Lilley as she and Ben Poch work with SU South Africa helping them to do more through volunteers. Pray that as six staff from South Africa visit in October relationships will grow, and for Margaret and Ben as they deliver training in South Africa in November.


Week beginning September 10

Sunday 10 Pray for the SU New Zealand AGM on Zoom this Thursday asking for a good online attendance and fruitful outcomes. Pray that God will continue to guide and empower the team.

Monday 11 Pray for Local Mission Partner Brighton and Hove City Mission. Their Head of Mission died early this year and their Schools Team Leader, Lloyd, has taken over. Pray for God’s wisdom for him as he steps into this new role.

Tuesday 12 Pray for Myles MacBean as he prepares to finish as National Director next year and looks ahead to what God has in store for his next season. Pray too for the Board of trustees as they search for a successor.

Wednesday 13 Pray for Faith Guide Carol who works with Shammah International Ministries in Milton Keynes reaching out to schools and inviting them to their monthly Community Connect Mission Through Sport event. Give thanks for the committed team they have as the whole congregation gets behind the event and pray that it will continue to grow and see families come to Jesus.

Thursday 14 Give thanks for SU supporters, who faithfully pray, give and get involved in reaching out to the 95. Pray for God’s blessing, provision and peace in their lives.

Friday 15 Pray that Christian sixth form students in National Mission Partner Festive’s network would be bold and radical in living for and sharing Jesus where they study. Pray for new CUs and missions to be set up and for those who have taken on CU leadership.

Saturday 16 Jo Morley, Head of Mission Event Operations, would value prayer for the team – that they will be able to work together effectively and help parents, volunteers and staff to navigate all the processes that have to be in place for the holidays and missions to run safely and well.


Week beginning September 17

Sunday 17 Pray for SU Northern Ireland as they prepare for their annual Making Your Mark training event for 11- to 14-year-olds involved in Christian groups in schools. Pray that this will encourage young people and equip them to serve more effectively.

Monday 18 Pray for the North team as they plan for the Mission Possible training tour around various towns in the north of England. Pray that those who come will be inspired to reach out to the 95 in their own contexts and equipped to do so confidently and boldly.

Tuesday 19 Local Mission Partner Christian Links in Keighley Schools has been without a worker for some time. Please pray for God’s direction in appointing an effective and committed worker to work in the schools of Keighley.

Wednesday 20 Pray for the team working on improvements to the Scripture Union website. Pray that they’ll find the best ways to powerfully communicate that SU can help churches in their mission to children and young people.

Thursday 21 Pray for Sports Ministry Consultant Mark Oliver as he develops and rolls out an accredited sports ministry and coaching course, asking that this will help many to use sports as a way of sharing the love of Jesus.

Friday 22 Please pray for the children who went on our holidays and missions this summer as they settle back into the routine of school and home – that they will continue to explore for themselves the difference that Jesus can make to their lives.

Saturday 23 Please pray for Adelaide Nketsia, Human Resources Officer, as she provides advice and support across the full range of the HR function, ensuring statutory compliance and best practice

Week beginning September 24

Sunday 24 Pray for the SU International Global Team and Board as they meet in the USA this week – pray that God will direct all the discussions and planning.

Monday 25 Local Mission Partner Doncaster Schools Worker Trust gives thanks for the opportunities to share the gospel in schools since 1995. Pray for the recruitment of a second part-time primary school worker, and for new volunteers to share Open the Book assemblies and to grow the local church support base.

Tuesday 26 Please pray for Scripture Union’s work with national mission partner Artless Theatre Company. Together they have produced The Grumpy Owl and the Joy of Christmas, a new booklet to accompany a play from Artless to introduce children from the 95 to the true story of Christmas.

Wednesday 27 Pray for SU’s Communications and Marketing Manager, Eddie Nock, as he seeks to inform and encourage you, our supporters. Pray particularly for creativity and wisdom for him and his team as they look to reach and inspire new and younger audiences – the supporters of the future.

Thursday 28 Please pray for STEAP, a Grow Community in the central region, focusing on equipping children and young people to use their gifts in the life of the church. Pray that they will continue to find engaging ways to connect with the 95 whilst discipling those at the Grow stage of the Revealing Jesus framework.

Friday 29 Pray for Local Mission Partner Ignite in Alnwick, a Growing Faith hub for the Church of England, as they develop new and innovative ways to connect with children, young people and their families. Pray for strengthening relationships, wisdom and more hands to deliver the work.

Saturday 30 Give thanks for God’s gifting and direction as over the summer we have re-envisioned aspects of our Revealing Jesus offering. Pray that through this development, we will be able to support a wider number of local churches in using our mission framework to journey alongside the 95 in their communities.

Week beginning October 1

Sunday 1 Madagascar is preparing to welcome the Island Games and SU Madagascar hopes to take this opportunity to share the gospel. Please pray for their preparations and that many will be reached.

Monday 2 The South West team give thanks for increasing numbers of Faith Guides in their region. Some, however, are having to step back because of financial pressure in their churches. Pray for staff who have been working with them. Pray that churches will make work with children and young people a priority.

Tuesday 3 Pray that Mission Enabler Jordana Smith and the Faith Guides and LMPs she works alongside will have wisdom and courage as they seek to reach more young people for Jesus in London. Pray that there will be ongoing benefit from the London Faith Guide week in August.

Wednesday 4 Pray for Tabz, Hettie and other youth workers with Local Mission Partner SASW Trust in schools and the community in Southport. Pray that, in the face of the many young people who come to them, they can seize the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships, revealing Jesus.

Thursday 5 The mission events team are working to get everything in place for the 2024 holidays season. Give thanks for the schools, outdoor centres and other sites that welcome us each year and pray that we will be able to have great venues for our holidays and missions for the coming year.

Friday 6 Pray for Mission Enabler Sarah Davison as she explores the potential of a hybrid model of mission using both face-to-face and online elements. Pray that this will support churches and Faith Guides as they share the good news of Jesus with children and young people.

Saturday 7 Pray for Local Mission Partner Artless Theatre Trust as they face a busy October touring If Prison Walls Could Speak, from London to Manchester from the 13th– 21st. Pray for safe travels and for God to work powerfully through the performances.


Week beginning October 8

This week's prayers relate to this story. Please pray for SU’s Sarah Davison and all those involved in the Hybrid Mission pilot. It has the potential to take mission into whole new dimensions, but it’s also essential that we ensure this can be done safely and simply

Sunday 8 Praise God that out of the challenges of the pandemic he has brought forth the exciting concept of Hybrid Mission and its potential to share Jesus more effectively with children and young people.

Monday 9 Praise God for inspiring and equipping SU’s Sarah Davison to explore the opportunities that Hybrid Mission presents, and enabling her to collaborate on it with experts around the world.

Tuesday 10 Please pray for effective collaboration between all involved in the Hybrid Mission pilot – the team includes experts in digital and faceto-face mission from the UK and across the world.

Wednesday 11 Please pray for Sarah and a team at Liverpool’s Hope University as this month they enter the first stage of some groundbreaking research into Hybrid Mission, interviewing young people without church connections.

Thursday 12 Please pray as the research team present their initial findings at an international youth conference early in 2024. Pray that it will help to inspire Christians from many cultures in how to share Jesus in new ways.

Friday 13 Ask God to give wisdom and discernment to all those involved in the Hybrid Mission pilot and research, so they are able to clearly identify the key lessons coming out of it.

Saturday 14 Please pray that God leads Sarah and the team in how best to communicate the Hybrid Mission learnings to churches in ways that are simple to put into action and effective in bearing spiritual fruit.

Week beginning October 15

Sunday 15 Join SU South Sudan in giving thanks for the training of 200 pastors, women leaders and youth leaders in May and for a crusade attended by 2000 when God worked powerfully, and many gave their lives to Christ and where there were miracles of healing and deliverance.

Monday 16 Mission Enabler Janine Parkinson asks us to pray for the central region Faith Guide holiday (November 1–3). Pray that as Faith Guides bring their unchurched young people along to experience a fun and faithfilled weekend, the young people will discover Jesus for themselves.

Tuesday 17 The brand-new Deep Sea Divers holiday club is published this week. Pray for all churches and other groups beginning to plan a holiday club for next year, asking that, through the stories from Matthew’s Gospel, many children will meet Jesus for the first time. 

Wednesday 18 The Board of Scripture Union England and Wales meets today. Thank God for the combined wisdom, expertise and experience which they bring to crucial issues of strategy, governance and compliance and pray that they might know God’s guidance.

Thursday 19 Pray for Tanya Pencheva as she supports the Development Hub team, uploading published resources, helping users to make the most effective use of them and looking after Word Live. She asks us to pray that she may be able to prioritise and cover everything that is required. 

Friday 20 Next week, from Monday to Friday, a group of SU retirees will be holding their annual conference at which they will enjoy fellowship, receive input from SU staff and pray for the work. Give thanks for their faithful service as staff and volunteers and pray that the time will be profitable.

Saturday 21 Pray for Mission Enabler Lucy Pearson as she continues conversations with churches about revealing Jesus and supports Faith Guides and communities across the north, developing relationships with supporting churches and Faith Guides through Rooted.

Week beginning October 22

Sunday 22 Pray for the youth leader and Sunday School teacher training run by SU Laos. Give thanks for the Bible Reading Ministry training they have completed with local church leaders in two provinces.

Monday 23 The South East team are encouraged by all God is doing as they embark on a new school year, with the first half term now complete. Please continue to pray for the team as they support Faith Guides working to build stronger connections with their local schools. 

Tuesday 24 Pray for the secondary schools in Havering, as Local Mission Partner Graceworks sets up more afterschool clubs. Pray that students will be drawn to them with open hearts and questions about who Jesus is and how he can be a part of their lives.

Wednesday 25 Earlier this year, a Local Mission Partner told of how a child attending a school-based Guardians of Ancora club had become a Christian, is now going to church (with their family too) and is soon to be baptised. Thank God and pray that many more young people will be transformed through this ministry.

Thursday 26 Pray for Ben Poch as he leads Regional Mission at Scripture Union, asking for God’s guidance and blessing. Pray especially for the impact of the Faith Guides supported by Regional Mission as they reach out to the 95 and share the message of Jesus.

Friday 27 Xplore is a new holiday for Faith Guide groups in the central region that takes place for the first time this half term. Please pray that the children who attend will have a fantastic time together and be excited as they take the next steps in their faith journeys.

Saturday 28 Pray for Local Mission Partner Christian Schools Workers Hastings, as they seek God’s plan for the future with one of their workers leaving at the end of the year and as they wrestle with financial challenges. 

Week beginning October 29

Sunday 29 SU in English-speaking Canada gives thanks for the launch of The Dad and Lad Podcast which features two of SU Canada’s trainers discussing children’s and family ministry. Pray that this will help listeners to put their faith into practice.

Monday 30 Please pray that the Shine Your Light at Halloween resource will enable Faith Guides and youth leaders to engage with children and young people at this time, helping them to discover that Jesus is the true Light.

Tuesday 31 Join Mission Events Coordinator Susannah Quinn in thanking God for the summer programme and all the children and young people who heard the good news of Jesus. Please pray that the seeds sown would continue to grow in them and for continued connections to church or Christian influence in their lives.

Wednesday 1 Pray for Local Mission Partner Reach, as they focus on Christmas Unwrapped for Year 6s throughout Reading; pray that the children will rejoice in the birth of Jesus. Pray that the CU Student Leaders’ night will encourage young people running groups in their schools.

Thursday 2 Pray for the young people who attended the Rooted retreat in June and for those who encountered God through the well-being teepee at New Wine this summer, as they continue to journey with God. Pray too for Rooted hubs across the country.

Friday 3 Pray that as the central region Xplore Faith Guide Holiday finishes today Faith Guides and young people will leave having met with Jesus in life-changing ways and with deepened relationships that will enable them to continue to explore. Pray that Faith Guides will have been encouraged.

Saturday 4 Mission Events Coordinator Karen Quinney asks us to pray for the mission events team as they prepare for the Holiday and Mission Leaders’ days coming up early in 2024. Pray that they will organise days which will prepare event leaders to run safe, enjoyable and effective holidays and missions.

Week beginning November 5

Sunday 5 Join SU India in praising God for the VBS Directors’ Training involving 400–500 people. Pray for the openings they have in churches and schools, and that the staff and the volunteer team will be able to help children to grow in their faith. 

Monday 6 Pray for Local Mission Partner Ouzel Valley Pioneer Mission Project working in the Leighton Buzzard area as they review the project and fundraise to replenish their funds before looking to recruit again.

Tuesday 7 Pray for South East Regional Team Leader Josh Booth as he supports churches and Local Mission Partners as we head towards Christmas with all the opportunities it brings to share the Christmas story with children and young people. 

Wednesday 8 Pray for the Development Hub team as they finalise the Bible Reading Guides for July to September 2024. Thank God that although the notes are prepared many months in advance he always speaks into the present. 

Thursday 9 Praise God that the work of Local Mission Partner Impact in Bedford is going well. The team are visiting local primary and high schools doing assemblies. Pray for the new part-time worker Cara, who started in April, as she settles into the team.

Friday 10 Pray for John Settatree, National Team Leader in Wales, as he oversees a research project on Generation Alpha, looking to learn what they think about life and faith and to pioneer some bespoke models of mission with them.

Saturday 11 The SU Council provides a forum for discussing issues in ministry in the light of the contexts in which we work. Thank God for the volunteer members and pray that they may have wisdom and insight as they meet today. Pray too for new members to be found.

Week beginning November 12

Sunday 12 SU Honduras asks us to pray for the Bookstore El Encuentro and Camp Cerro de Luz, that they may continue to grow and that they will reach many more pastors, churches and ministries.

Monday 13 As we head closer to Christmas, please pray for Content Administrator Michelle Newstead as she keeps track of our stock and ensures smooth running of Christmas promotions so that users will be able to benefit from the resources we have produced.

Tuesday 14 Please pray for all our Grow Communities across England and Wales that support and encourage children and young people in their journey of faith. Pray that we can continue to support them effectively and that new Grow Communities will continue to emerge.

Wednesday 15 Pray with Local Mission Partner Actios as they look to appoint a second worker. Their worker Jen cannot serve all the schools in St Neots on her own. They would love every primary school child in the area to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Thursday 16 Pray for the Local Mission Partners across England and Wales as they prepare to take the Christmas message into schools and communities in the next month. Pray for openness to the amazing message that God came to us in the person of Jesus Christ.

Friday 17 Please pray for south east region Support Worker Tsvetelina Smale as she supports the team with end-of-year projects and activities. Pray specifically for wisdom, knowledge and new creative ways to help facilitate and build relationships with external partners.

Saturday 18 Pray for the digital solutions and finance teams as they review the systems that underpin the effective management of the SU financial accounts. Pray for solutions that will make for smoother and more effective working.

Week Beginning November 19

Sunday 19 Pray for the team of school chaplains across Australia and for the work which they do in schools. There are a number of vacancies. Pray that God will call people to fill these vacancies.

Monday 20 Give thanks for all that God has provided for SU ministry so far and will continue to provide. Please pray for an increase in financial support, as we look to increasing our reach to more of the 95% of children and young people who haven’t yet started their journey of faith. 

Tuesday 21 With Christmas drawing ever closer, please pray for children playing the Guardians of Ancora game and encountering the stories of the birth of Jesus, perhaps for the first time. May they be intrigued and motivated to discover more about Jesus.

Wednesday 22 Holiday bookings for 2024 will open soon. Please pray for the Mission Events team as they get everything ready on the website and booking systems, and that children will be excited as they start planning their holidays for the coming year.

Thursday 23 Pray for Local Mission Partner Cynllun EFE in Caernarfon, North Wales as they seek a Welsh-speaking Christian as their part-time youth worker to support local chapels, churches and schools. Pray that a suitably gifted person, chosen by the Lord, will come forward to fulfil this ministry.

Friday 24 Pray for Gifts Administrator Esther Kuganja, asking for wisdom as she works within the Finance team who have been adapting to changes in the past year.

Saturday 25 The Development Hub has been going through changes in recent months. Please pray for team leader Gemma Willis as she seeks to lead and build a healthy and effective team – and for the members of the team as they adjust and establish new, positive working relationships.


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