Trustee vacancies

Do you share our vision of a new generation of children and young people who have a vibrant, personal faith in Jesus and want to be part of our mission to create opportunities for children and young people to explore the Bible, respond to Jesus and grow in faith?

Scripture Union England and Wales is a Christian charity whose vision is to see a new generation of children and young people who have a vibrant, personal faith in Jesus.  We seek to invite children to explore what the Bible teaches about Jesus and the difference that he can make to their life today and to respond to him.

We focus on supporting faith guides working with local churches to share God’s good news with the 95% of children and young people in England and Wales who don’t yet know Jesus. 

We are looking for two new trustees to join our Board of Trustees over the course of the next year.  We are particularly interested in people who have theological training, have experience of church leadership or who have experience of working with children and young people (ideally, but not necessarily) with Scripture Union or our local mission partners.  However, we do not have only one kind of person in mind when we look for new trustees. Our aim is to have a Board with a range of skills, backgrounds and experience and so we are not excluding from consideration those who do not have particular the particular training or experience that we have identified as a desirable supplement to the current mix of skills among board members.

It is, of course, crucial that all our trustees share Scripture Union’s beliefs and values and are passionate about our mission.

The trustees have oversight of Scripture Union and its leadership.  In addition to taking decisions on major matters, they provide guidance, advice, encouragement and support to the National Director and Leadership Team.

The trustees are not remunerated.  They are expected to attend four regular Board meetings (held on midweek afternoons) and two regular meetings of the Council of Scripture Union (held on Saturdays) each year.  Attendance at ad hoc Board meetings may be required and each trustee is also likely to have other responsibilities from time to time, the precise nature of which varies from trustee to trustee but which frequently involve supporting the Leadership Team by advising on particular matters within the trustee’s expertise or experience.

To find out more, please contact Sue Winning, Company Secretary, on 01908 856135 or [email protected]

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