Can you help support our five new workers?

Appeal to Support Five New Workers

Could you help five new workers share the good news of Jesus with children and young people who are not in church? 

Over the last couple of years we realised that there were some key areas of the country that God was calling us to take the good news to. These are areas of dense population where the gospel needs to be shared outside of the church walls. Areas where the children and young people are but often the good news just isn’t being heard.

The need was urgent so we used funds from our reserves, making the best use of the support that people like you had already offered and recruited five new regional workers as soon as we could, on fixed term contracts, to begin the work.

As you can see below they’ve done so much already, but a gift today could help them continue to share the good news of Jesus in ways that are fun, exciting and relevant. 

You can ensure that Dan, Bob, Isaac, Lucy and Matty can continue in their mission.

The harvest is plentifulbut the workers are few. Please help to ensure children and young people don’t miss out on the chance to find out about Jesus.

Messy Games

Your support could help Bob Goody

Bob loves seeing children and young people engage with different activities, he is really encouraged by all the questions they ask and says that we should never underestimate a child's spirituality.

Bob really wants to see more churches engage and become more accessible to children and young people in their local communities.
Young people in a group - MUGA

Your support could help Dan Wicks

Many of the children Dan works with come from areas of great deprivation and need; they often think that nobody cares about them so why should they care about anything else - 'What's the point?'

Dan would love to see four new community hubs with a sports ministry focus in North, South, East and West London, and he wants to develop good models of ministry that can be used by any church to reach children in their local communities.
Group of Young People

Your support could help Isaac Rocke

Isaac has the opportunity to work alongside inner-city children and young people who come from deprived, rundown council estates. He also works with children and young people who come from different ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Isaac would like to help children and young people understand what church is and he hopes to see a real impact on children's lives across the city of Birmingham.
Group of children and adults listening to speaker

Your support could help Lucy Pearson

Lucy has a heart for sharing God's love with children and young people, who are on the fringes, and quite a lot of her work is done with children and young people who live on local council estates; they will only tend to do to church for weddings or funerals.

Lucy has a desire to see an explosion of support in reaching children and young people with the gospel, and she wants to equip the church so they can speak into young people's lives.
Group of Adults in Church

Your support could help Matty Hawthorne

Matty has the opportunity to share the gospel message with children and young people who come from areas of great poverty, and from areas of multicultural diversity. Nearly 98% of the children and young people Matty engages with on a regular basis have little or no connection with the church.

Matty has a desire to see the church in the Yorkshire area capture the vision of The 95 Campaign, and he really wants to see long-term fruit from all the different activities he is involved in.

Read Matty's amazing schools mission story

God is already doing some incredible things through our five new workers. They each have their own stories to tell, but this story from a mission week Matty recently ran is a powerful reminder of just how essential the work they're doing is. It's not every day you're thanked for saving somone's life!

You can read the full story here or, to ensure the vital mission of our five new workers can continue to thrive, give a gift below.

Will you help our workers share the good news of Jesus across the country?

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A gift of £22 could help a regional worker lead a Christian group in a local school, helping up to thirty children and young people learn more about Jesus.

Family Tag Rugby


A gift of £88 could help a regional worker run a family event at a local church, inspiring families to grow a lasting faith in Jesus.

Training Workshop


A gift of £160 could help a regional worker spend a day training schools workers, supporting and encouraging them in their ministry with children and young people.

Find out what is happening local to you

We have six regions across England & Wales, here you can find out what different activities we are doing in your local area and contact your regional team.
Read some of our regional stories and be inspired by the great work already happening in reaching children and young people.

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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