Mental Health and Wellbeing: Chloe's story

'I felt there was no reason to go on…'

If you’re looking for our Mental Health & Wellbeing Toolkit, it has taken a little longer than planned and is currently being reviewed by the experts. We’re sorry for the delay but it’s all part of our commitment to make sure that the resources we provide are the best they can be. If you’d like to be notified when it’s ready you can register your details on our mental health and wellbeing page.

Chloe grew up in a Christian home and chose to be baptised when she was ten. Even so, during her teens, she struggled to see God's great plan of love for her and ended up going her own way.

In her darkest hour, when she was rejected by someone she cared about deeply, she felt life was not worth living.

But a friend urged her to cry out to God…

Help other young people like Chloe to find comfort in Jesus

Thousands of young people desperately need to hear that in Jesus they are loved, accepted, have a purpose in life and hope for the future.  They won’t be immune to life’s challenges, but Jesus will help them get through even the most difficult days of their lives.

But how will they know that if nobody tells them?

Your gift could help create a toolbox of mental health and wellbeing resources

This autumn, we hope to launch a toolbox of mental health and wellbeing resources to help those working with children and young people to explain the difference Jesus can make in life’s challenges.

But we can only do this with your help. If you are able to give today, you’ll be helping more young people like Chloe to be transformed by the hope that Jesus offers.

Help us launch our Mental Health and Wellbeing toolkit

Please note: If through your generosity we receive more funds than needed for the mental health and wellbeing toolkit, we’ll use any surplus wherever the need is greatest.


could help make a powerful video for use in schools


could help develop a set of resources to equip churches to talk about faith, mental health and wellbeing with children and young people.


could help an SU worker support a child or young person going through a difficult time

Lucy's story

Watch Lucy's story

Let’s face it, sharing the good news with children and young people outside of church can be a challenge – it takes dedication, commitment and an awful lot of hard work. But when even one of those young people responds to Jesus, it really does make it all worth it. That's why we've filmed Lucy's story. Lucy didn’t used to go to church. Christianity was just something she’d learnt about in school. But thanks to some opportunities to explore the good news in a non-church setting, she now has a vibrant and growing faith in Jesus! 

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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