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Journeying with the 95 from Connect through to Grow

Faith GuideChildren and young people benefit hugely from having someone to walk alongside them as they journey to faith, and our research and experience demonstrate the importance of consistent, positive role models on that journey. That’s why we’re intentional about mobilising a network of passionate volunteers – commissioned by their local church and supported by Scripture Union – who’ll act as Faith Guides for the 95.

With over 400 Faith Guides across England and Wales so far, they all seek to connect with the 95 and take every opportunity to build authentic, meaningful, faith-based relationships with them. They journey alongside them through their challenges and adventures, opening the Bible, and inviting them to explore the difference Jesus can make to their lives. They commit to being there for the long run, from initial connections with the 95, right through to the development of Grow Communities to help new-found faith flourish.

Faith Guides come from diverse backgrounds and may or may not have any previous experience in working with children and young people. Embedded in their own church and supported by local Scripture Union Mission Enablers across England and Wales, they discover the most appropriate and effective ways of connecting with those in their context, sharing the good news of Jesus through various mission models.

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The Faith Guide Hub

Faith Guide HubBecoming a Faith Guide means that you have exclusive access to the online Faith Guide Hub, providing specially selected digital and physical resources to help you develop in your roles and create the best ‘journey’ for the 95. As a Faith Guide, you will also benefit from practical support and training from your local SU Mission Enabler, including face-to-face and online discussion, prayer and advice.

You also gain all of the benefits available through Mission Support (no need to sign up separately).


Become a Faith Guide

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Grow Communities
Culturally appropriate worshipping
communities that enable the faith of
the 95 to flourish in their commitment
to Jesus.
The four stages of the faith journey
We’ve identified four stages in the journey that most people follow as they engage with Christianity…
The Revealing Jesus mission framework
The Revealing Jesus mission framework is designed to help you journey into faith with the 95% of children and young people not in church.
Mission Support (RJ/FG specific)
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Unlock the full potential of your outreach to children and young people with FREE Mission Support from Scripture Union

With 95% of under-18s not in church, sharing Jesus with the younger generations is a real challenge. But we're here for you! We've got years of experience under our belts, and we're ready and waiting to inspire, equip and empower you in mission to non-church-going children and young people.

If becoming a Faith Guide feels like a step too far at the moment, don't worry, there is still support available. Whether you're just looking for inspiration and resources or you want full-on one-to-one practical support, we've got you covered!

Together we can reach the 95!

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