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Governance and leadership

Scripture Union is a charitable company limited by guarantee, incorporated on 28 October 1893 and registered as a charity on 3 January 1966

SU's governance structure

SU's Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for the strategic leadership and the management of the affairs of SU in accordance with its Articles of Association and applicable law (including company law and charity law). It has four scheduled meetings each year and meets on other occasions as necessary.

Council, whose members are broadly representative of SU's areas of work and community, provides a forum for the development of spiritual vision and discernment of God's leading and advises the Board on the overall direction of the Movement. It has no executive powers and its key responsibilities are to ensure that the Statement of Aims, Belief and Working Principles is applied, to review the progress made towards fulfilling the movement plan and to elect Trustees. The Council of up to 36 members (including trustees and leadership team members) meets twice a year for a full-day meeting.

Audit & Finance Committee
The Audit & Finance Committee helps the Trustees meet their responsibilities by providing independent oversight of SU's systems of internal control, risk management, pensions management and governance, investment management, monitoring of SU's financial performance and budget setting, and through supervision of the quality, independence and effectiveness of both the internal and external auditors. It is a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees, meets at least twice a year and its membership comprises trustees and volunteers.

Nominations & Advisory Committee
The Nominations & Advisory Committee has responsibility for all areas covered by the Appointments Policy, the Induction Policy and the Leaving Policy for Council Members. It is a sub-committee of Council, meets regularly and its membership comprises representatives of trustees, Council and staff.

More information about SU's governance and structure is available in our Annual Report and Accounts.

Meet our Trustees

Scripture Union relies on the support and advice of our Trustees who come from a range of backgrounds and who all share our passion for inviting children and young people to explore the difference Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures of life.

SU’s trustees, who are also directors of the charity for the purposes of the Companies Act, are appointed for a three-year term of office and can stand for a maximum of three consecutive terms of office.

Find out more about our current Trustees below:

Richard Godden - Chair Designate

Richard Godden

Chair of Trustees - from 2019
Based in London
Corporate Lawyer
Kim Hurst

Kim Hurst

Honorary Treasurer - from 2018
Chair of Audit Committee
Based in Middlesex
Chartered Accountant
Richard Evans, SU trustee

Richard Evans

Richard Evans
Appointed 2019
Based in London
IT Service Manager
Member of SU’s Audit Committee
Malcolm Forsyth

Malcolm Forsyth

Appointed in 2020
Based in Northamptonshire
Self-employed business consultant
Member of SU's Audit and Finance Committee
Lay reader in the Church of England
Mark Griffiths, SU trustee

Mark Griffiths

Appointed 2019
Based in Cardiff
Tutor in Missional Research
Junior Johnson - trustee

Junior Johnson

Appointed 2020
Based in London
Senior Civil Servant
Julie Kittow - Trustee

Julie Kittow

Appointed November 2020
Based in Devon
Science teacher and mum to 4 boys
Sandra Morris

Sandra Morris

Appointed 2022
Based in Lancashire
Children & Family Worker
Sarah Smart

Sarah Smart

Appointed 2023
Based in Hampshire
Mum and local church volunteer

Meet our Council

Members of Council are appointed for a three-year term of office and can stand for a maximum of three consecutive terms of office.

Find out more about our current Council members:

  • Penny Boshoff (President)
    Region: South East - appointed: 2018
  • Tim Armstrong
    Representing: Missions - region: North - appointed: 2020
  • Sharon Blyth
    Representing: TBC - region: South West - appointed: 2022
  • Ed Ceney
    Representing: Faith guide and partner churches - region: South West - appointed: 2020
  • Angela Clarke
    Representing: Mission Enablers, Regional mission - region: Wales - appointed: 2021
  • Nicola Clarkson
    Representing: Regional mission, Holidays - region: Central - appointed: 2015
  • Wayne Dixon
    Representing: TBC - region: South East - appointed: 2022
  • Pippa Elliot
    Representing: Faith guide and partner churches, Regional mission - region: North - appointed: 2014
  • Andrew Flynn
    Representing: Faith guide Hub and Development Hub, Digital - region: Central - appointed: 2014
  • Jo Foster
    Representing: Faith guide & partner churches - region: South East - appointed: 2021
  • Larry Mukombwe
    Representing: Local mission partners, International - region: Central - appointed: 2020
  • Joshua Otchere
    Representing: Faith guide & partner churches - region: North - appointed: 2020
  • Josh Tate
    Representing: Holidays, International - region: South East - appointed: 2018

Details of any current vacancies for membership of Council will be shown in the jobs section of our website

Meet our Leadership Team

Our Trustees work closely with our leadership team to guide their decision-making on strategic issues and hold them to account for their leadership of the organisation.

Each member of the Leadership Team has a specific area of responsibility within the movement.

Find out more about the members of our leadership team:

Dave Newton

Dave Newton

National Director
Serves the movement by providing overall spiritual, strategic and operational leadership
Richard Shaw

Richard Shaw

Mission Development Director
Directs the creation and delivery of the movement's missional activity including the development of missional tools and content, delivery of mission events, and the leadership of regional mission workers
Rachel Warwick

Rachel Warwick

Mobilisation Director
Directs the mobilisation and care of those who support the movement through prayer, gifts, partnership and volunteering
Steve Vis, Finance & Services Director

Steve Vis

Director of Finance and Services
Directs the core services of the movement across finance, Human Resources, Information Technology and cross-functional projects.

Key documents

SU is governed by its Articles of Association which were adopted with effect from 1 October 2009 and amended by special resolution passed 17 October 2020

Josiah Spiers Benevolent Fund

The Josiah Spiers Benevolent Fund, (JSBF) was set up in 2012 to give financial and other practical assistance to former SU staff and their spouses who are in retirement. It is named after the Scripture Union pioneer who led the first beach mission in 1868.  The Trustees include former Scripture Union Council members and retired SU staff.

The Fund has been able to help former staff in a variety of ways, including the replacement of domestic appliances, travel costs  for hospital appointments, meet a hefty dental bill, and provide a grant for a short holiday break.  The Trustees also make annual ‘Christmas Awards’.

In addition to the practical help the Fund gives, the Trustees seek to express care and appreciation to their former colleagues now in retirement, by keeping in touch through letters, phone calls and visits; in this way they know they are not forgotten.

For further information about the JSB Fund please contact Hilary Blair, Hon. Secretary by email: [email protected]

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