Guardians of Ancora Rock Blackpool

When Scripture Union’s children’s app Guardians of Ancora launched in July 2015, we hoped it would mean that children with no church background could hear the good news of Jesus, perhaps for the first time. Katy Finney, who works for Local Mission Partner Blackpool Schools and Youth Work (BSYW), caught hold of that vision and put it into practice

Who comes to a club?

Since this video was made, a further ten local schools have asked Katy to set up Guardians of Ancora clubs for their children too!

Katy found, ‘I don’t need to say much – the children are usually really keen to share their thoughts with each other!’

What’s really exciting is that many of the children know little of Christianity and have no church background – but they go on to download and play Guardians of Ancora at home, in preference to some of the most popular commercial games. And Katy knows, from the subsequent club discussion sessions, that they are learning loads about Jesus!


‘It’s a really flexible, fun way to do mission in schools,’ she says. ‘If you’ve not worked with schools before, but are keen to do so, this club might work really well for you. It’s proved to be really popular with schools and with the children, but it’s not something you have to commit to long term. You could just go in for a term, try it out and see how it goes. It really is so easy to set up and run. If you’re not comfortable with technology, don’t worry – the schools are usually happy to do the setting up for you. You just need to introduce the game using the online materials, and run the complementary activity afterwards. Have a go!’


Katy and Rob Steward, Scripture Union’s schools development worker in the area, have turned the Guardians of Ancora schools’ club idea into a set of resources that other churches and mission workers can easily access.



A legend in Ancora!

Swift is the Head Guardian of Ancora. She loves to help Guardians go on their own adventures. Brave and strong, with a friendly smile, she always has an encouraging word.

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