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Opening the Bible with children and young people not in church

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The Bible is of course essential to spiritual growth. But how do you help children and young people who aren’t in church to engage with it? Terry Clutterham, SU’s Director of Culture and Innovation, shares how your support has helped us learn what they need – and how you can help us to develop new Bible-centred resources. 

‘Is it like a parent’s love for a child that jumps in to rescue them? Yes, that’s what God’s love for his children must be like.’ This insight came from a child who doesn’t go to church, but had been playing Guardians of Ancora, our digital game that faithfully retells the crucifixion story. Unchurched children and young people are often more open to God and the Bible than we might assume. But our research indicates that there are some principles we need to follow in sharing the Bible with them.

Today’s children and young people:

  • Value authenticity
    So we need to be honest about our own struggles, and show how the Bible helps with the challenges and adventures of life. 
  • Are radically inclusive
    So we need to encourage them to be active participants in exploring together.
  • Want to play a significant part in transforming the world
    We should be expectant as we discover the Bible together – God can speak to and through all children and young people, not just those in churches. 
  • Have fragmented lives
    Their lives are busy and fragmented and their attention spans short. We need to produce resources in different formats – online, print, video and more.

It’s vital we help children and young people who aren’t in church to explore the Bible. It’s the only way that they will truly understand Jesus’ message – and that in him they can find belonging, significance, confidence and hope. 

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