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Connecting You is Scripture Union's supporter and prayer magazine, keeping you up to date with what God is doing through the SU movement. 

In each edition you'll find:

  • exciting stories and updates
  • testimonies from those whose lives have been changed by the work of SU
  • ideas and resources for improving your ministry with children and young people
  • daily prayers

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Current Connecting You stories

When Lindz West of Christian band LZ7 wanted to tour schools across London and share the good news of Jesus with students, he turned to Scripture Union for help. Through your support, we were able to underwrite the tour’s cost and help ensure that young people making a faith commitment were also able to take the next steps on their spiritual journey.
‘Lots of children and young people come to our outreach activities – but we never see them in church on a Sunday. What can we do?’ It’s a common question and your support is enabling SU development worker Steve Hutchinson to help identify some answers.
If you’re a volunteer on an SU holiday or mission – thank you! Your commitment and hard work enables thousands of children and young people each year to grow in faith, or encounter Jesus for the first time. But although it’s hard work, being a volunteer can also be very rewarding. Volunteer leaders James Cook and Anneka James explain what keeps them coming back.
Most South Africans, including children and young people, belong to church. In spite of this, as Tim Hastie-Smith discovered, they need mission beyond the church walls as much as we do here in the UK. He explains the challenges, how Scripture Union South Africa (SUSA) is rising to them and shares an exciting opportunity for you to help.
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Use Connecting You to help you pray

To help fuel your prayers for Scripture Union and the children and young people impacted by our work, Connecting You features a prayer pointer for every day of the year.

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