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Connecting You is Scripture Union's free supporter and prayer magazine, keeping you up to date with what God is doing through the SU movement. 

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Current Connecting You stories

When musician Chip K visited Norway, he discovered Soul Children, a community choir concept that was drawing thousands of young people together and towards faith. Thanks to your support, Scripture Union is helping Chip to pilot Soul Children back home… and it’s turning out to be a hit with children and young people both from inside and outside the church.
Your support is helping Scripture Union missions like the one at Perranporth to reach children and young people not in church. And their lives are being transformed as they encounter God’s love in these communities of faith.
Last autumn, your support enabled SU development worker Bob Goody to bring together churches and schools in Nottinghamshire – and it’s helped to take mission to children and young people not in church to spectacular new heights.
A few years ago, statistics revealed that nearly 12 million under 18s don’t go to church - 95% of all children and young people in England and Wales! That shocking statistic motivated us to rethink our focus and review our activities to make sure everything we do either helps that 95% to discover the good news of Jesus, or equips you and your church to reach them. Ideally both!
Here are a few short updates from some of our development workers involved in a variety of mission activities across England and Wales…

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