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Setting Sail at Easter

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Setting sail for a 7-day sailing adventure on our specialist holiday, Kestrels

A brilliant opportunity for those in school years 9-13 to take to the water and have an adventure on a fleet of classic wooden yachts this Easter. Spending day and night aboard the well-equipped yachts, under expert tuition (RYA Sailing instructors) they will navigate the rivers, attempt to shoot the bridges and whoosh about the Norfolk Broads!

Make memories to last a lifetime

Phil Maltby - Event Leader - 2023

Working as a small team they’ll learn to sail a yacht, steer using a tiller and tack up wind, as well as discovering what it means when someone shouts ‘Ready about’ or ‘Gybe-oh’ at them! Whether it’s running with the wind, avoiding getting stuck in the trees, learning about the best point of sail to maximise the wind, or practicing their knots, this will be a chance to learn something new whilst gaining confidence and making friends!

Phil (co-leader of Kestrels) has been attending SU holidays since he was 11 years old and has been Commodore of Kestrels for the past 3 years; “For over 30 years I’ve been a part of, and witnessed, how precious it is to see Christian community in a really pure form. I’d love to see young people from across the UK come and join us on the yachts. I am so thankful for the supporters of SU to make this a possibility through the grants to help with the cost of the holidays.” You can discover more about the grants available here.

Learn new skills and gain confidence! 

Phil shares “Sailing is a fun skill to learn; the satisfaction is huge. But it’s also a great environment where you develop the softer skills that help in life. There are plenty of opportunities to practice planning ahead, and apply good communication and teamwork skills, as you navigate the narrow rivers that connect the Broads. And even though the yachts are fitted with engines, it’s always more satisfying to solve a problem without using them!” 

Alongside co-leader Mary and the rest of the team, Phil is getting ready for the next Kestrels and cannot wait to take full advantage of the beautiful surroundings as they sail through the Broads.

You can take a look at the type of yachts that will be used on this holiday by visiting Hunter's Yard website here!

Daniel - teenager on boat

'Kestrels is such an amazing experience, I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re coming with questions, or just fancy time away from home, it’s a great chance to meet and build relationships with other people similar to your age and worship God together. I can honestly say Kestrels is one of my favourite weeks of the year - the team are more than friendly, the sailing is awesome, and there’s a wonderful togetherness about camp that’ll leave you wanting more. I guarantee it!'
-    Daniel, 17

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Kestrels is one of our specialist holidays taking place in the Spring giving young people the chance to learn the fundamentals of sailing – or perhaps refine their skills if they’ve done it before! With an experienced team leading this adventure, no experience is necessary to join in!

Come aboard - you are so welcome!


And Kestrels isn't our only sailing holiday! Harriers (for ages 15-18) and Mallards (for ages 11-14) run in the summer holidays too!

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We never want money to be the reason a child or young person cannot access a SU holiday.

Thanks to the donations of faithful supporters, we are able to offer a Holiday Fund with the exclusive aim of ensuring that all of our SU holidays are as accessible as possible, to as many children and young people as possible!

To apply for a grant, simply start booking for the holiday of your choice and tick the relevant box on the booking form and we'll be in touch.


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