Scripture Union Cymru is the name for the SU work in Wales. We develop events and holidays and resources for schools and the community, as well as supporting our local mission partners. We also develop key resources in the Welsh language

SU Cymru

Darllenwch yn Gymraeg/Read this in Welsh.

Darllenwch yn Gymraeg

** we have a range of pages about our activities in Wales and the history, vision and mission of Scripture Union in England and Wales.**

Darllenwch yn Gymraeg/Read this in Welsh.

The Welsh team is active in helping children and young people explore the difference Jesus can make to their lives.

We work in both the Welsh and English languages in schools and the community, alongside the local church and our mission partners. We love to use seasonal events like Christmas and Easter, sport and even Scripture Union's award winning digital game Guardians of Ancora/Arwyr Ancora, which is now available in both Welsh and English.

Like all in SU, we are concerned by the fact that 95% of children and young people in England and Wales do not attend church. We would love to help your church be part of changing that statistic by going with you to places where children are but the gospel isn't. Let's be bridges from our schools and our communities to our churches. Together we can make a difference.

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Your local SU worker would love to come and speak at your church, group or event. They can share stories of their work in your local area and inspire your congregation in sharing Jesus with the next generation!

What's new in Wales

Seasonal events have been very different this year with most things having to move online. It’s been the same here with us and one of the events that we moved online was our Light Party event.
What if you are a member of a church where there are no young people attending your Sunday services? What if the rest of the churches in the village are in the same position? Where do you even start?
Imagine a room of 10 children getting really excited playing a computer game, they’re singing the theme song and talking through the game as they go “what a jump “ one says “Nailed it” says another.
Now imagine that this award winning game is taking these children through some of the great stories of Jesus life on earth.
95% of children and young people are not regularly in church. We want to work with your church to help improve that statistic. We outline how we can help here.
How Arwyr Ancora can help Welsh-speaking children explore the difference Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures in their lives
SU has a new holiday fund that will stop financial difficulties being a barrier to children and young people enjoying an SU holiday.

Meet the team

We are a team spread over Wales working to help churches engage with children and young people in their schools and communities through sport, digital media and creative programmes.

Mission partners

We believe that it is better to work together. We have lots of local mission partners across Wales that work in schools and within their communities. Find out more about what they are doing and connect with a local mission partner near you.

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The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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