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Scripture Union is active in over 120 countries. As a community of God’s people across the world each Scripture Union Movement is committed to the same Aims, Belief, and Working Principles

Working with the churches, Scripture Union aims:

  • To make God's Good News known to children, young people and families
  • To encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer, so that they may come to personal faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, grow in Christian maturity and become both committed church members and servants of a world in need.

Scripture Union puts these aims into practice through a variety of specialist ministries around the world including programs and groups in schools, camps and residential holidays, community and church based mission activities, ministries with ‘at risk’, inclusive programs for children and young people with disabilities, Bible Ministries including printed and digital resources for children, teens, and adults, digital and other on line ministries.

In each country where Scripture Union exists, we seek to fulfil our aims in ways most appropriate to the culture of that country. We are committed to indigenous leadership and, therefore, each Member Movement is led and governed by nationals of that country. As part of the global community each SU Movement has a responsibility to nurture SU’s shared vision, to support the development of SU in other countries, and care for the well being and reputation of SU in recognition of our belonging and interdependence.

In most countries, there are a relatively small number of staff that recruit, train, equip and support a larger number of volunteers.  

Scripture Union has a Global Team and Global Board that support, coordinate, and facilitate development of Scripture Union across the world.

You can find contact information, ministry listings and other useful information about each country and its SU movement on the Global website:

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