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Young Leaders Development Programme

Equipping and supporting the leaders of tomorrow, today!

Every year, as part of our holidays and events programme, we create opportunities for young people between the ages of 16 and 21 to develop their leadership skills and volunteer alongside our Event Leaders.

The Young Leaders Development Programme is designed to invest in the lives of young people who choose to develop their leadership skills. Through a series of training sessions and discussion groups, as well as a programme of support during the events, we are committed to equipping and supporting these young leaders as they step into exciting adventures.

Making memories, changing lives

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The majority of our young leaders have attended SU holidays and events themselves, and serving as a young leader is a great opportunity for them to continue to be involved in something that has played a significant part in their own faith journey! But, what's great is that you don't have to have been on an SU holiday to jump in as a young leader!

While many find it exciting to be 'behind the scenes', it can be challenging to learn new boundaries, take on responsibilities and share their faith with others.

That's why we've created this brand-new programme – to make sure that these passionate individuals are equipped and supported to step into Christian leadership with confidence.

Key training sessions

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Bible Workshops

Explore why and how we read the Bible, with practical tips for helping young leaders to handle the Bible well with children and young people
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Leadership Workshops

Looking at the distinctives of Christian leadership, following Jesus' example, with practical discussions that help apply these at holidays and events.
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Safeguarding Workshops

Equipping young leaders with the necessary skills for safeguarding at events and holidays, as well as safeguarding them in their roles.
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"How to" workshops

Creating space for young leaders to discover 'How to lead a game' and 'How to pray for a young person'

Better equipped to serve God and people

Rachel Blake

Rachel joined SU staff in 2023 as Young Leaders Enabler, with the specific aim of supporting and developing the future leaders of tomorrow.

"I'm so excited about the Young Leaders Development Programme. Investing into these young people will give them increased confidence in sharing the love of Jesus on the camps and missions, as well as growing them as disciples who we hope and pray will continue to reach out to other children and young people in their everyday lives. Camps and missions are significant training grounds where we see the Holy Spirit shape and change us, and by developing what we offer our young leaders, we hope that they will leave better equipped to serve God."

Rachel Blake, Young Leaders Enabler

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Register your interest

If you’re aged 16-21 and want to develop your leadership skills, then why not consider taking part in our brand-new Young Leaders Development Programme? We'd love to hear from you!

Just get in touch with Rachel Blake, Young Leaders Enabler, and discover your next steps!

Don't just take our word for it!

Kezia, young leader

Kezia says...

"I had never done anything like it before so I had very little experience and I was nervous, but we did a daily Bible study with the older leaders to prepare for each day. This helped me feel comfortable and supported. Praying with the team really gave me confidence."
Luke (Young Leader) 2024

Luke says...

"I learnt how amazing it is to help young people experience God and grow in their faith!"

Support the leaders of tomorrow, today!

Investing in these young people and providing them with leadership skills enables them to put their faith into action as disciples of Jesus, and also helps us to develop future leaders for holidays and missions.

Will you support our young leaders to grow in their own faith as they help children and young people to discover that faith for themselves?

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A gift of £10 would provide a journal written to support their training, as they develop in their own faith and leadership skills.

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A gift of £50 will cover the costs of a young leader attending an event or holiday for one night.

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A gift of £83 is enough to cover the costs of training for one young leader for the year.

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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