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Celebrating volunteers: Wendy’s story

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It’s Volunteers Week from 1–7 June, and we are so grateful to all who give their time and talents in support of SU! Wendy Asher tells us what it was like to volunteer on SU’s Bake Off holiday last year, and why she’s returning this summer.

Wendy- CY 2023

‘My sons used to go to an SU camp each year. Josh, my eldest, then became a young leader and I joined him on an SU camp as a cook. It was fun, but I wanted more contact with the children than serving at the hatch!

‘So last year, after I retired, I joined the team for Bake Off. I was still in the kitchen but this time the children were in there with me!

‘The organisation was superb. Beforehand, the team met up to prepare so they got to know each other. On the holiday, it was clear what our responsibilities were and the support and pastoral care was great. We were all able to have some free time.

Girl Bake Off 2022

‘It was fabulous to see the young people grow in faith. They came with a real thirst for learning and threw themselves into all the activities 100 per cent. They kept journals, they responded in the prayer times, they grew in confidence. Each day we chose a ‘Baker of the day’. As much as the quality of their baking, this was about how well the young person worked in the kitchen and looked after others.

‘It was good to be challenged on how to share your faith with children in ways they’ll understand. I learnt so much from the younger leaders who had done previous SU camps – they came up with some wonderful ideas!

"Volunteering was tiring but great fun and very rewarding"

‘I’m volunteering again this year. I want to be able to pass my faith on to children in a vibrant and exciting way so that they understand what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus.’ 

Could you say Count Me In?

We are still seeking volunteers for this summer’s holidays. If you’d like to have as much fun as Wendy, visit

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