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A few years ago, statistics revealed that nearly 12 million under 18s don’t go to church - 95% of all children and young people in England and Wales! That shocking statistic motivated us to rethink our focus and review our activities to make sure everything we do either helps that 95% to discover the good news of Jesus, or equips you and your church to reach them. Ideally both!

Of course, that’s meant plenty of opportunities for new and exciting resources, but it’s also meant we’ve had to make some difficult decisions and bring some ministries to an end. Sadly, this includes our LightLive and SchoolsLive websites which have been a staple of our digital offering for over 10 years now.

Through LightLive, we were committed to providing high-quality biblical activities for church Sunday school groups, but the reality was that it only served to reach the 5% of children and young people already in church. With that in mind, we simply couldn’t justify investing all that money and time into it when there are so many outside the church who need to hear the good news. It was a different story with SchoolsLive, as it was helping to reach the 95% through resourcing Christians in their engagement with local schools. However, too few people were using the free service to justify the expense of maintaining the old website. As such, we made the painful decision to close that site too.

Can you still access the old resources?

The old material from LightLive and SchoolsLive is still available, but you’ll now find over two years’ worth of sessions as free PDF downloads within the Resource Centre right here on the main Scripture Union website. So if you’ve got old favourites you want to return to, they haven’t disappeared completely.

Will there be anything new?

We’re not going to be writing any new LightLive or SchoolsLive material because we’re concentrating on resources to help you bring the Bible into contexts where the 95 can engage with it and discover the God who created them and loves them. You can definitely expect plenty of new resources from us – just not for these two resource banks.

Join us in prayer

Whether you support SU in prayer or financially, or you’re just interested in what we do, we hope this will reassure you that we’re committed to making the best possible use of the resources God provides. Please join us in praying for the 95 and for churches as they seek to engage with the children and young people in their communities.

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