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We've got loads of resources to help you share the good news of Jesus with the next generation (and plenty to help build your own faith, too!)

Light compendium line up

Light Compendium

Scripture Union is no longer publishing Light on a quarterly basis. After the publication of the July–September 2018 editions we are replacing the four quarterly editions with one undated annual compendium for each age group – Bubbles, Splash!, Xstream and theGRID. Each compendium is a spiral-bound, 376-page volume. It contains all the resources the leaders need for their age group, including photocopiable masters and links to web downloads. 


October-December 2018 Bible reading guides

Delve into studies on Philippians, Jeremiah and Luke with Daily Bread and Encounter with God. 

Diary of a Disciple

Diary of a Disciple

Looking for more information on the smash-hit Diary of a Disciple? Want to enter the fish biscuit competition from the Activity Book? Find out more here!

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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