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We know that God’s love is the greatest love there is. Sadly, too many children today don't have that same assurance. With your support, we can help them discover how precious they are to him…

Zac discovered God's love thanks to your support

Teenage boy with checked shirt

Until recently, 13-year-old Zac was among the many. He knew nothing of that love and God couldn't have been further from his mind. But that all changed when he started coming along to a new youth café set up with the support of Scripture Union by surrey-based youth outreach leader Gideon.

Gideon, says, ‘Zac used to come to the club, sit in a corner and play on the PlayStation on his own. When he realised we were Christians, he said he was an atheist and we’d never convert him. We explained that we weren’t interested in converting him, but in getting to know him and now he’d rather sit and talk to us than play computer games. He’s opened right up – he’s keen to know what we believe and why, and is thinking through his own beliefs.’

Just over a year ago, Gideon’s small church had no youth and just a few children. Now the church is building relationships with 70 children and young people in the wider community, and sharing God’s love with them. [Read more of Zac’s story.]

It's only thanks to your gifts that we are able to support life-changing outreach opportunities like this.

Can you give a gift today and help more young people like Zac discover the wonderful truth of God’s love?

You can help more children and young people discover the greatest love of all

Guardians of Ancora club


A gift of £5 could help provide a Guardians of Ancora leaders’ club kit, which contains everything needed to run a Guardians of Ancora club – including assembly outlines, session plans, videos and more.

Rooted residential


A gift of £15 could help pay for a young person to attend a Rooted retreat day; enabling them to grow strong faith foundations in compassionate Christian community.

An after schools sports club


A gift of £100 could help to run a Sweet Spot sports session, providing an opportunity for young people to engage in different sports and learn how different Bible stories can relate to today.

Across the country, we are helping churches to build relationships with children and young people who don't go to church – helping them to share God’s love in ways children and young people can engage with. 

For teenager Kat, ‘church’ is the Rooted group that a local church holds regularly in a local café.

Teenagers in a coffee shop

"It’s helped me learn how to talk to people about what’s on my mind." (Kat - Rooted Group)

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The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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