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‘God thinks you’re awesome as you are’

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In the Winter 2021 edition of Connecting You, we introduced you to Lox and Ruth Busisa, pastors of LifePoint Church Pembrokeshire which is located on a deprived estate in Haverfordwest. You can read that story here. Through your support, SU trained them as Faith Guides and helped them start connecting with young people. A year later, some of those young people have decided to follow Jesus.

During the pandemic, SU helped Lox and Ruth to start making connections with young people in the community through sports ministry in the local park. LifePoint also gave out food parcels and supported the community in other ways too. On Sundays, they would have a short vibrant service, Church in the Park, open to all.


Ruth and Lox and others

‘That’s when we first met Sammi and two of her children, Ali and Ethan,’ says Lox. ‘We got to know them and that autumn, when we started a Friday group to connect with local teenagers, Ali and Ethan were among the ten young people who joined, and later they made a commitment to follow Jesus. So did their mum, and the three of them were baptised a few weeks ago!

‘Last summer, we invited them to come on SLAM, a short sportsbased residential on the Gower in South Wales, organised by Jack (SU Mission Enabler, Jack Newbould) for Faith Guides and their young people. We took a group of young people at different stages of the faith journey, including Ali and Ethan. Over several days we shared the gospel and our own testimonies of God’s goodness.’ 

They were baptised a few weeks ago!

Ethan and Lox

Ali and Ethan also come to Lox and Ruth’s Wednesday evening youth group which is more of a Grow Community. ‘There’s greater spiritual content than in the Friday group,’ says Ruth. ‘We have worship, Bible study and prayer, which they love – they are amazed they can speak to God and he hears!

‘We use the SU Rooted journals to spark discussion. These young people are really open to exploring faith and they have lots of questions which is great. It means they’re really into it! Most of them don’t have church backgrounds and what’s in the Bible may differ from what they’ve been taught at school.’

Exploring faith together

‘That consistency can really speak positively to young people. For example, their popularity is everything – how many views you get on TikTok, how many likes you get on Instagram. But it’s dependent on getting your clothes, makeup, hair, and so on, right, in line with the latest trends which can change overnight. That constant need to compete and live up to some sort of unrealistic expectation messes them up.

These young people are really open to exploring faith

‘Recently I spoke to our Wednesday group on Psalm 139. I explained how the Bible says we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and that God thinks they’re awesome as they are. He doesn’t look at their makeup, their hair, how they dress or their social media ratings. He sees through all those layers and loves them anyway, with a love that doesn’t change.

‘You could sense the relief from them. To know that God loves them, whatever their popularity rating, is something very unique and precious for them to be aware of and to hold onto, especially in these times of so much change.’

You can help multiply mission

It’s only thanks to your generous gifts and prayers that SU can support and train Faith Guides like Lox and Ruth.

Your support ensures that children like Ali and Ethan get the chance to discover that Jesus loves them along with opportunities to grow in their faith. If you can give a gift to enable vital work like this, please donate online at

Thank you!

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