The 95 Campaign

The 95 Campaign

95% of children and young people don't go to church* so we must go to them! Whether you want help to share the good news yourself or you'd prefer to prayerfully or financially support others in that vital task, join The 95 Campaign today.

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The great commission itself starts with a simple 2 letter word – 'go'. If today's children and young people are to hear about Jesus, we need to go to them.

Lucy's story

Watch the latest 95 Campaign film, 'Lucy's story'

Let’s face it, sharing the good news with children and young people outside of church can be a challenge – it takes dedication, commitment and an awful lot of hard work. But when even one of those young people responds to Jesus, it really does make it all worth it. That's why we've filmed Lucy's story. Lucy didn’t used to go to church. Christianity was just something she’d learnt about in school. But thanks to some opportunities to explore the good news in a non-church setting, she now has a vibrant and growing faith in Jesus! 

Free Diary of a Disciple mini edition

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All new members of the 95 Campaign can claim a FREE copy of the award-winning retelling of the Gospel of Luke, Diary of a Disciple (mini edition)!

We all have our part to play in making Jesus known to the next generation and simple actions like gifting a gospel to a child in your life can make all the difference. 

Join today and we'll send you a link to order your free copy. Scroll up and fill in the form to sign-up.

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We have many pioneering outreach projects that need your support, can you help ensure more children and young people get to hear the good news?
Ready and eager to start sharing the gospel with the children & young people in your community? We can help you with plenty of great resources, practical support, and even finances.
Prayer is vital in the challenge of reaching 'the 95'. Can you support The 95 Campaign in this way? Take a look at our prayer requests.

* Peter Brierley, UK Church Statistics 2, 2010–2020, Tonbridge: ADBC Publishers, 2014

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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