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Book of Wonders

Book of Wonders

Whether you're amazed by atoms, flabbergasted by fungi or captivated by comets, you'll find something to blow your mind in the Book of Wonders. Book of Wonders is crammed full of facts, figures and fantastic pictures of the world around you from the greatest galaxies to the tiniest microbes.

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"The beautiful pictures and the way it’s laid out just made me want to read more." – Isaac, 9

Book of Wonders is a captivating, beautifully illustrated book that helps children to explore science and faith. Children will be amazed by the intricately detailed illustrations as they learn about themselves, the world, the universe and more importantly, the God behind it all. The Book of Wonders has been produced in collaboration with The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. The Faraday Institute is an interdisciplinary research and communication enterprise linked to the University of Cambridge.


"An excellent mix of science and the Christian faith, showing how they work together and is not something where you have to believe in one or the other." Austin, 10

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Activity book


Explore yourself, the world around you, the planet you live on and the whole wide universe! The Book of Wonders Activity book is an A4 book full of over 30 puzzles, experiments, information, activities, colouring and much, much more to help you find out about the world around you and the God who made everything.

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