At Scripture Union, keeping children safe is of paramount importance, and the need to provide adequate care for children and young people is at the forefront of any event planning

For full details of our safeguarding policy please download the document below.

Other useful contacts:

We deliver our safeguarding policy with CCPAS (T: 0845 120 45 50)

Childline may also be a helpful contact (T: 0800 1111)

National Whistleblowing Advice Line (T: 0800 028 0285)


Counselling support

Scripture Union partners with the Church of England to provide independent counselling support for alleged victims/survivors of abuse by John Smyth.

Scripture Union is deeply disturbed by recent news reports of abuse of boys and young men by John Smyth. Since these events were reported in the media we have discovered that John Smyth was a trustee of Scripture Union from 1971 to 1979. That such abuse should have been committed by an individual connected to Scripture Union is a matter of profound and sincere regret for us and something for which we apologise wholeheartedly. Details of independent counselling support and how to access it can be found here.

Scripture Union is determined to obtain a thorough understanding of these events, and to learn from any failing. To that end, once Hampshire police confirm that their criminal investigation is concluded, Scripture Union will launch an independent inquiry into this abuse. In the meantime we would encourage anyone with knowledge of this abuse to contact Hampshire police at [email protected]

The 95 block

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