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What’s next on your mission calendar? Christmas has been and gone and summer is a distant speck on the horizon. But don’t fear, Easter is coming! SU Development worker Bob Goody reflects on this fantastic outreach opportunity… 

Bob Goody

Having been in children’s and youth ministry for many years now, I know how exciting this time of year can be as churches start thinking ahead to Easter.

I remember those times well. Sitting in meetings, dreaming of new and creative ways to link Jesus with an abundance of chocolate-themed activities and crafts (and, of course, rejoicing that creme eggs are now on sale again too!) But whilst Easter presents the perfect opportunity for engaging with the 95% of under 18s not in our churches, I believe we should be careful not to put all our eggs into one basket (pardon the pun.)

Being invitational

Children and young people are looking for consistency and integrity, and for people to care about them in between the special events. I know of many churches that were filled to the rafters with children over Christmas, and that’s so encouraging, but I’ve been astounded to see just how many of them didn’t have something else to invite them to come January. I firmly believe that we need to create an invitational culture in our churches, to help young people take steps towards faith that they so desperately need.

Yes, Easter might be the obvious next touchpoint with the young people in your community, but could it be more than that – part of a journey rather than a single destination? Scripture Union can help you with that.

“I firmly believe that we need to create an invitational culture in our churches, to help people take steps towards faith that they so desperately need.” 

Bringing Easter to life

Last year, SU launched Easter Alive, a free resource to help churches think through the how, why and what of mission during Easter, and to help them put that thought into action too. It went down so well that a brand-new pack is now available to pre-order and it's free! The range of ideas included demonstrate that mission can be expressed in so many ways – through outreach in schools and on our streets, through craft, sport or music, or simply by creating a safe space for young people to experience the love of Jesus through care and compassion. And the resource also reminds us that mission doesn’t have to be big and expensive or something that reaches thousands. Sometimes mission is focusing on one family and being intentional in sharing the message of Easter with them. 

So, if your church wants to make connections or build on relationships this Easter, what are you waiting for? The new Easter Alive download pack is available to pre-order now. Best get cracking (sorry!) 

Pre-order Easter Alive

Bob Goody New

Bob Goody

Development worker

I am passionate about caring, sharing and empowering the Christian church into action and helping to ensure that every child and young person has an opportunity to hear the gospel in a form that they can understand and respond to. I do this by working in schools, churches, parks, festivals or even just out on the streets.


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