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Ebola response in Sierra Leone

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SU Sierra Leone responds to the Ebola crisis thanks to SU supporters

SU Sierra Leone

In the corner of West Africa, SU Sierra Leone is one of the main providers of children’s ministry within churches. Its ambitious Bible and prayer ministry aims to enable young people to take on their own personal relationship with Jesus. Most recently it has been trialling Bible study packs for families who do not have access to a church near by.

In addition to its children's and youth ministry, SU Sierra Leone is a major provider of HIV/Aids support in West Africa, providing both practical and emotional support for individuals and families affected by HIV/Aids. 2015 was a challenging year for Sierra Leone in light of the Ebola virus disease outbreak and the onset of flooding in many areas of the country. SU supporters via the Scripture Union England & Wales International Fund were instrumental to the SU Ebola response, funding the immediate aftercare of food, radios, and medical supplies.

“In no small part you got us through one of our hardest times, the radios that we were able to buy thanks to your funding saved many lives from Ebola. Thank you for your help then, and for all you continued support with our HIV/Aids programme”. Kpandei, SU Sierra Leone

ebola relief

Thankfully there are now no current cases of Ebola in Sierra Leona. However, the fight against HIV/Aids continues with the continued support of the Scripture Union England & Wales International Fund.

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