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"Everything you need in a sports bag and a manual to run a fun, effective and Bible-based sports holiday club." Higher Sports volunteer

Richard Witham, SU's Sports Mission Leader, discusses the merits of our Higher Sports resources

These three endorsements clearly show the impact and reach that the three Higher Sports manuals and equipment can have.

  1. Higher Rugby will allow your church to have a significant impact on your local community through the Christian coaching and teaching of rugby. The eight week unit will enable you to make a real difference in the lives of young people and their families. I am delighted to endorse this sports ministry project and heartily recommend it to your church.’ Tevita Vaikona – former Tonga, Bradford Bulls and Saracens winger
  1. Higher Games gives churches, looking for the opportunity to reach into their local community, a simple and effective means of attracting interest. The team at Higher Sports will provide all the necessary equipment and expertise to make your next mission eventful and a relationship building experience. Using the powerful tool of sport will open doors and enable you to share the love of Christ in your local area, especially to young people.’ Henry Olonga – Zimbabwe Cricket XI opening bowler
  1. 'Higher Football is an ideal coaching and teaching course for the local church and school wherever located and whatever its size. It can last over an eight week period or form the basis of a week’s clinic or holiday club. Higher Football will enable your church or school to serve families in your community and strengthen relationships. I am pleased to give my support to this ground breaking initiative.' Gavin Peacock – former Chelsea, Newcastle United and Queens Park Rangers striker

"Everything you need to run a multi-day Christian sports club for children is given to you. From the coaching sessions, the games, the Bible input as well as the forms..." 

'... I have run more traditional Bible holiday clubs where everything is very class room and craft based and this was such a breath of fresh air. Great times of fun, laughter, sport and talking about faith. There is also plenty of opportunity to shape the sessions yourself and we found that new volunteers were willing to help because it was sport and games based.' Higher Sports volunteer

Higher Sports is a practical resource to equip any church in any country make a difference in its community with the life changing message of Jesus. The coaching module and the teaching packages are designed in such a way as to enable church personnel to run them without any external help.Higher Sports is a 6–8 week course for churches and schools involving sports coaching and games together with Christian based teaching.

The material for each of these three resources (rugby, football and games) allows for an hour of coaching followed by a ‘team talk’. The drills and coaching skills are clearly set out in the Higher Sports manuals with accompanying diagrams, teaching points and progressions. The implementation of these do not require the Coach to be qualified in the sport but rather to have an enthusiasm and enjoyment for working with young people in the sporting arena.

The resource bag contains all that is necessary to action the coaching and the teaching sessions and allows for Higher Sports to be presented in many forms.

Richard Witham, Sports Mission Leader

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