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National Day of Prayer for Schools

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For the 4th year running, in partnership with other organisations, the National Day of Prayer for Schools is taking place on 29th September 2023.

Lisa Jones

The passion driving those leading this day, is that one day every school in the UK will have a Church that is praying for it and actively seeking to serve it! We recognise that whilst 95% of young people in the UK aren’t engaged in their local Church, 99% of young people are in mainstream education, so to shape the nation we need to learn how to serve schools!

A Mission Enabler in the South-East of England, Lisa has experience of working in schools for nearly 30 years in different capacities. She’s seen the reality of what happens behind the school gates as staff navigate post-pandemic life, financial pressures, crumbling buildings, staff shortages and that‘s before stepping into the classrooms and unpacking the challenges that staff face there.

Every school a prayed for school

“Children and young people are facing all sorts of challenges on a daily basis at school; anxiety about exams, pressure over future career choices, concern for the environment, peer pressure, bullying, and a dramatic increase in the use of social media impacting them beyond the walls of the school.  
We long for young people to hear that God loves them and it’s in the midst of these challenges, in the places where the children and young people are, that we get the opportunity to speak hope into their lives. Wouldn’t it be amazing if every school was prayed for?” 

One life changed in a normal school day

Lisa is deeply passionate about children and young people coming to experience Jesus for themselves in a school environment. Whether it’s an assembly, a club, a workshop or a prayer space, if it enables their faith journey to begin or continue and their lives to be changed, she’s excited! 
“I remember once some students had been coming to a club I was running and after one of the days one student said; ‘I think my friend wants to be a Christian, but I don’t know how they can become one’. I invited them to meet me at break and I simply asked the student if they wanted to become a Christian. We talked and in that break time, they made a commitment to Jesus and we prayed together. It was as simple as that, a normal school day with a life forever changed."

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Get involved

The National Day of Prayer for Schools will begin with an early morning prayer Zoom from 7am-7.30am. And there'll be prayer prompts and videos throughout the day too! #prayforschools #ndopfs

So why not get involved?

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With a heart for empowering the local church and taking the good news of Jesus out into schools, and particularly to those who don't go to church, our Mission Enablers have years of experience and expertise that you can tap into, for free!

We're passionate about seeing children and young people encounter Jesus in fun, real and relevant ways and can't wait to start a conversation with you and your church.

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