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Prayers for March - May 2024

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Thank you for joining us in praying for Scripture Union's work!

Week beginning February 25

This week's prayers relate to this story. Please pray for those young people who have been through Amplify and for all those involved in organising and running it.

Sunday 25 Give thanks to God for Zara, Lydia and all the other young people who have taken part in Amplify. Ask God to continue to bless and strengthen them to share his message of hope boldly and effectively with their peers.

Monday 26 Praise God for all those staff and volunteers of SU and our partner organisations who develop and deliver Amplify. Ask God to help them to keep it really relevant to the needs of young people who want to share their faith.

Tuesday 27 Please pray for those just finishing Amplify this year. Ask God to guide them as they make important choices about the next steps in their lives.

Wednesday 28 Give thanks to God for all those young Christians who are involved in ministry in any way. Ask him to give them the right words as they share Jesus with their peers, especially those not from church backgrounds.

Thursday 29 Please pray for young Christians who are considering doing Amplify starting this October, and for breakthroughs in any barriers to their participation that might not be of God.

Friday 1 Ask God to protect those young Christians who are leaving home for the first time and to guide them to supportive churches. Ask him to help them make wise decisions that enable them to stay strong and to grow in their faith.

Saturday 2 Give thanks for graduates of Amplify, including Lydia and Zara who continue to be involved so that they can encourage the next intake of young Christians who want to share their faith with their peers.

Week beginning March 3

Sunday 3 The Scripture Union Global Gathering starts on Monday. Please pray that the discussions around bridging the gap between the Christian and non-Christian world will be fruitful and will result in more effective ministry across the world.

Monday 4 Pray for Wayne Dixon of Mission Partner Christian Connections in Schools and the team of volunteers from local churches, taking Easter presentations into around 45 local schools reaching over 2000 pupils from 11–22 March. Pray also for wisdom for the Trustees of Christian Connections in Schools as they plan for the future.

Tuesday 5 Thank God for the technology which keeps us in touch with other staff, volunteers, customers and supporters. Pray for Technical Services Manager Ian Gooding as he guides staff and volunteers in effective use of our IT systems, including the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence, protecting our technology and data, and finding better ways of working together.

Wednesday 6 Please pray for the Holidays and Missions team as they support our amazing volunteers and help them to get everything ready for the programme of Easter events.

Thursday 7 Please pray for the Grow Community ‘Rooted’, run by 15 Faith Guides who are part of the Ross Deanery, as they look to engage more of the 9 in their area of Herefordshire with the help of Rooted and Rooted Junior resources.

Friday 8 Join Mission Partner IMPACT in Bedford as they give thanks for the number of schools, staff, volunteers and churches who work with them. Praise God for the opportunities primary workers Becky and Trish have to develop Prayer Spaces in schools.

Saturday 9 Please pray for Maggie Barfield, as she navigates the priorities and workload of her two Development Hub roles as the Guardians of Ancora Mission Leader and Senior Content Innovator. Maggie’s Revealing Jesus projects currently range from ages 5 to 18; please pray for mental agility, energy and creativity

Week beginning March 10

Sunday 10 Pray for the leaders in Scripture Union Madagascar as they meet this month. Pray that they will hear from God, that each participant will renew their commitment to the work and for the materials they will use to welcome these leaders.

Monday 11 Pray for the ongoing creation of the monthly Mission Sparks resource for those who have signed up to receive Mission Support from Scripture Union. Pray for smooth cross-team working and creative ideas to inspire and equip churches to reach the 95.

Tuesday 12 Please pray that Ruth Anderson (Faith and Sports Hub Coordinator) and the Sports Mission team will have wisdom as they create resources for sports and fitness ministry. Pray that these resources will enable children and young people to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus in a sporting context.

Wednesday 13 Pray for the team at Mission Partner Thrive Youth Ministries in Warwickshire (Andy, Fiona, James, Ryan and Rose), as they visit churches encouraging them to use their Manifesto for 21st Century Youthwork to equip them to reach out to young people in relevant and creative ways.

Thursday 14 Give thanks for the schools, outdoor centres and other venues that welcome our holidays every year. Please pray that our holiday teams will be a blessing to the staff who they work with at all our venues.

Friday 15 Last year, the north region ran some new Faith Guide holidays (holidays for children and young people that Faith Guides have been connecting with across the region). Please pray for wisdom as they seek to learn from these and to build on them creating new opportunities for the 95 to meet Jesus.

Saturday 16 Every six months the SU Council meets. Drawn from across the country, and with wide and differing knowledge and experience relevant to SU ministry, its members aim to help the movement think through the most effective ways of reaching the 95. Pray for wisdom and clear thinking as they meet today.

Week beginning March 17

Sunday 17 Please pray for the SU New Zealand team retreat from March 18–21. Pray that this time for sharing, prayer and spiritual refreshment will be used by God to make the team more effective in ministry.

Monday 18 Pray that the seasonal resource Easter Matters will be effective in helping those seeking to connect with children and young people from the 95. Pray that as they explore the Bible together and think about the Easter story they will connect with Jesus.

Tuesday 19 Mission Events Coordinator Heidi Beckham will be on the team of Create 1, a three-night holiday for ages 12–15 starting on 2 April. Pray that as the guests spend time on different art and craft projects, socialise and chill they will meet with God in fresh ways.

Wednesday 20 Pray that Dave Newton may know God’s wisdom and blessing as he brings his gifting and experience to his new role as National Director, helping us to broaden and deepen the impact of the Revealing Jesus mission framework in the local church (see this article).

Thursday 21 The Amplify residential for young evangelists starts tomorrow. Over 100 young people will be coming together from across the UK to learn more about what it means to share their faith in modern youth culture. Pray that the young people will be bold in sharing their faith with their friends.

Friday 22 Give thanks for our army of faithful supporters who regularly pray for and give to the ministry of SU helping to reach the 95. Pray that God will meet all their needs spiritually, physically and financially as they sacrificially give to support all we do.

Saturday 23 Pray for Mission Enabler Chris Eales as he supports an increasing number of Faith Guides, asking that the Holy Spirit will guide his conversations with Faith Guides and children and young people. Pray too for the development and use of Go Wild in year-round ministry as well as residentials.

Week beginning March 24

Sunday 24 SU Northern Ireland has an increased focus on special needs. Pray for Anita Conkey, Special Needs Coordinator, as she works alongside mission teams, supports training in various contexts, develops and delivers resources and discerns their role in the increasing number of Learning Support Units in schools.

Monday 25 Pray for the team at Mission Partner YoYo as they share the Easter story across the primary and secondary schools of York. Pray that as they bring Christian truth to life it will ignite imaginations and inspire students to reflect on The Greatest Story.

Tuesday 26 Pray for Mission Enabler Matt Farley as he works with the many churches in the East Midlands who are looking to engage with schools as a way to connect with children and explore the Bible with them. Pray especially for open doors of opportunity and the willingness of volunteers to take those opportunities.

Wednesday 27 Pray that as the South West team seek to develop more Faith Guide holidays (including a surfing weekend, Go Wild! weekend and a primary age weekend) they will have vision and faith. Pray for the emergence of holidays that will have real impact.

Thursday 28 The SU Bake Off and Create holidays start early next week. Please pray for great conversations with the young people as they develop their baking and artistic skills and pray that they will encounter Jesus while they are with us.

Friday 29 Mission Enabler Geoff Brown asks us to pray that many church and school groups would use the Shine in Schools programme to help Christian young people share their faith with their friends at school.

Saturday 30 Pray for Mission Partner Bridgebuilder’s Easter Cracked workshops where they introduce Year 6 children in Milton Keynes to the real meaning of Easter. Pray that staff and volunteers will be empowered as they present the material to children, many of whom have no contact with church.

Week beginning March 31

Sunday 31 Pray for the success of a project launched last autumn by SU Germany to support teachers at Christian schools aiming to make the daily morning devotions in school classes more attractive and encourage pupils to read the Bible.

Monday 1 Pray for the Year 6 Easter Eggsplored events being run in primary schools across Newbury by Mission Partner COINS. Pray too for the team of school workers, Kate, Kristina and Clare. Kristina and Clare joined the team in September; pray for them as they bring fresh insights to the work.

Tuesday 2 Pray for wisdom and creativity for Commuications Assistant Nozipho Dube as she plans and creates content for SUM, our new social media channel to engage young adults in the work of Scripture Union. Pray that the content will build and inspire a younger generation of supporters.

Wednesday 3 The Finance team working with the Digital Solutions team have introduced a new financial system which will improve the efficiency of our processes and make reporting more widely accessible. Pray that this will prove helpful, especially as the Finance team start producing the year-end accounts.

Thursday 4 X:Site Keighley Easter holiday club is running this week sharing the good news of Jesus and providing children with breakfast and lunch. Please pray for great relationships to be built with the children and that they will experience God’s love for themselves.

Friday 5 Pray for the staff and trustees of Mission Partner Engage in Woking, as they look to expand the work and recruit new trustees, especially a new chairperson. Pray for strong candidates with passion to share faith, hope and love in the local schools and colleges.

Saturday 6 Pray that the weekly football and multi-sports club on Fir Vale estate in Sheffield run by Holly Phipps, Sports Mission Pioneer, will help many young people to learn more about how sport and faith connect and that they will meet Jesus through the annual SU Easter camp at Fir Vale School this weekend.

Week beginning April 7

Sunday 7 Pray for SU Peru as they resume the work with revitalised Bible ministries and children’s clubs and stronger programmes in schools. Please pray for the recruitment of volunteers and new materials for ministry.

Monday 8 Pray for Mission Partner Schools Christian Worker Project in Oswestry as they celebrate 25 years of ministry. They hope to welcome three new trustees at their AGM next month. Also pray for It’s Your Move workshops taking place this term in 11 primary schools.

Tuesday 9 Pray for Nic Findlay, Revealing Jesus Pioneer, as she supports churches in the Liverpool area wanting to reach the 95, but who lack volunteers. Pray that small churches would find simple, creative ways of connecting with children and young people outside the church building even though they are short of people and resources.

Wednesday 10 Please join the SU Central team in praying for the Regional Gathering at the beginning of June – that this would be a time of refreshment, discernment and inspiration as they come together to enjoy fellowship, worship, sharing, learning and hearing from God.

Thursday 11 Pray for Sally Nash who has recently taken over as freelance editor of Daily Bread and is currently editing notes for the April–June 2025 issue. Pray that she will build good relationships with the writing team and that together they will help readers to grow in their faith.

Friday 12 Pray for the work of Mission Partner CICS and their partners as they work in several secondary schools across Calderdale. They are reaching young people through mentoring, Question Point, Chilli Tuesdays, after school clubs, lessons, assemblies and general support to students and staff.

Saturday 13 Pray for the ongoing Rooted hubs taking place in secondary and primary schools across England and Wales and for the development of new Rooted content to support young people and children in their faith journey.

Week beginning April 14

Sunday 14 Join SU Sierra Leone in giving thanks for the rapid spread of the ministry into all 16 districts of the country, particularly in predominantly Islamic communities, leading to transformation of children in these areas. Please pray for ten motorcycles, to give easier access to those hard-to-reach terrains.

Monday 15 Having relocated to Cornwall, Faith Guide Community Coordinator Eddie Howlett is excited about introducing churches to the Revealing Jesus framework, helping them set up new projects to reach the 95, and growing the network of Faith Guides throughout Cornwall.

Tuesday 16 Thank God for the creative gifts which Alex Taylor brings to the Development Hub as a Freelance Consultant producing resources to support the Revealing Jesus mission framework. Pray that God will guide his thinking as he works on new material to help the 95 respond to the good news of Jesus.

Wednesday 17 April for SUMT (SU on the Isle of Man) is taken up with preparation for the year’s biggest event, Lifepath. Pray for Linda and Laura as they lead preparations and for the wider team as they coordinate volunteers and create the many resources.

Thursday 18 Praise God for the Easter holidays and holiday clubs that have taken place and pray for all the children and young people who attended, asking that they will hold onto the truths they have encountered as they return to school this week.

Friday 19 Give thanks for all our Faith Guides across the country, for their passion and commitment to the Revealing Jesus Framework. Pray that as they work with the 95 God will enable them to use their gifts to the full and give them a sense of his presence.

Saturday 20 At the start of this new financial year join Kathy Brooks, Appeals and Legacies Manager, in giving thanks for all our supporters and praying that over this coming year we will continue to build good relationships with them.

Week beginning April 21

Sunday 21 At the start of the year Carla Yik, Secretary of Children’s Ministry for SU Hong Kong, moved from being part-time to leading children’s ministry full time. Please pray for her as she transitions asking that God will encourage and equip her.

Monday 22 The South East regional team give God thanks for all he has done through their Faith Guides and Local Mission Partners over the Easter period. Give thanks for those who have met Christ for the first time and pray that as they begin their journey with him, they will grow in faith and knowledge.

Tuesday 23 Pray for Christopher Baker, Schools Worker at Mission Partner Christians in Schools in Letchworth, as he prepares to take a sabbatical from June to August. Pray that he will enjoy rest, refreshment and renewal during this time as he reflects and gets ready for the coming academic year.

Wednesday 24 Praise God for the ongoing mission of Guardians of Ancora clubs in schools, churches and community settings. Pray for those leading the clubs and those attending; may these small-scale events bring big opportunities to share the good news of Jesus.

Thursday 25 The Josiah Spiers Fund offers financial and practical help and encouragement to retired former staff of Scripture Union. Pray that their Trustees will know God’s guidance as they meet on 9 May.

Friday 26 Over 1200 volunteer places need to be filled each year to allow our holidays and missions programme to run. Please pray that volunteers will come forward and will be excited to serve in this way this summer.

Saturday 27 Pray for the Youth Alpha course Mission Partner FACCTS in Fleet and Crookham are planning to run this term for children in secondary schools. Pray that many young people will come, enjoy the sessions and come to a genuine faith in Jesus Christ.

Week beginning April 28

Sunday 28 Pupils from Lusoti High School in Eswatini enjoyed an SU trip to Durban in South Africa in August. The aim was to promote fellowship and unity among the SU members in the school. They came back more united and with new purpose. Pray that this will strengthen the work of SU Eswatini.

Monday 29 Pray for freelance editor Sally Nelson who is currently editing Encounter with God notes for the April–June 2025 issue, asking that she will have wisdom in decision-making and good relationships with writers.

Tuesday 30 Steve Vis, Director of Finance and Services, is preparing to take time for spiritual refreshment, reflection and seeking God’s priorities for our work as a movement, and for him personally for the year ahead. Pray that he may know God’s presence and guidance.

Wednesday 1 Prayer for Mission Partner BSYW and their ministry in and around Blackpool, visiting primary schools with assemblies and workshops in line with the RE curriculum for each year group. Schools appreciate what they offer and there are opportunities to do more. Pray for more volunteers and the finances to enable this.

Thursday 2 Pray for the SU England and Wales Board as they meet today. Pray for fruitful discussions and a clear sense of the Spirit’s leading as they discuss important matters relating to the governance of the movement.

Friday 3 Faith Guides in local churches are passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus with the 95. Pray that God will call others into this role so that many more children and young people can be reached.

Saturday 4 As summer approaches, Ian Kent (Revealing Jesus Pioneer in Durham), will be supporting Faith Guides in planning for holiday clubs, residentials and other special events. Pray that they and their churches might use these opportunities to help children and young people explore, respond and grow in faith.

Week beginning May 5

This week's prayers relate to two stories about Faith Guides Tina (read her story here), and Huw (read his story here). Please pray for Tina, Huw and other Faith Guides, as well as the SU staff who are supporting them, as they connect with the next generation in relevant ways and help them to get to know Jesus.

Sunday 5 Give thanks to God for Praise and Play – for Faith Guide Tina, for her Early Years skills, for her responding to the need of a young mum and others in the community, and for making the group a safe space for caregivers and children to explore faith together.

Monday 6 Please pray for all in the Praise and Play playgroup, that all involved may discover the joy of knowing Jesus for themselves and have the opportunity and support they need to grow in faith.

Tuesday 7 Give thanks to God for Faith Guide Huw (see this article) and his church, and the deeper connections they have made with young people through the bike repair event.

Wednesday 8 Please pray for Tina, Huw, Keefe and Nic, and for other Faith Guides and SU field staff across England and Wales. Ask God to guide them as they look at ways to deepen connections with children and young people in their communities and help them to explore, respond and grow in faith.

Thursday 9 Give thanks to God for Nic, Keefe and the other SU Revealing Jesus Pioneers and Mission Enablers. Thank him for the skills and experience that each of them is able to bring to their role in supporting Faith Guides like Tina and Huw.

Friday 10 Please ask God to inspire other ordinary Christians to become Faith Guides, and to use their situation and the gifts God has given them so that many more children and young people can discover Jesus.

Saturday 11 Praise God that faith can be simple and as small as a mustard seed – and simple enough for even young children to grasp!

Week beginning May 12

Sunday 12 Pray for the impact of SU Austria’s Lego Town project which visits churches with 450 kg of Lego. Thirty to fifty children build a 10m² Lego Town and the team engage them in conversation and tell Bible stories.

Monday 13 Thank God for the work of SU across the world. Pray for Sue Winning as she oversees the grants process which enables projects and national movements to be supported financially.

Tuesday 14 The Development Hub and Digital Solutions team are working together to make major changes to the resources section of our website, to enhance the experience for users and help them understand better how they can use the Revealing Jesus framework to reach the 95. Pray for the team as they turn ideas and designs into working solutions.

Wednesday 15 Along with three Faith Guide churches, SU Cymru/Wales are developing a Revealing Jesus on a Bike project, involving bike repair and mountain bike trail rides (see this article). Pray that a Grow Community might develop out of this project, along with a camp for the young people involved, and that the young people might meet Jesus.

Thursday 16 Mission Partner Christians 4 Education in North Wales would love to see ‘every school in our area a prayed for school’ and, where possible, each local church sharing the good news of Jesus with a school. Join them in praying as they work towards this goal.

Friday 17 Pray for Supporter Care Assistant Debbie Edge as she communicates with those who support us generously, both in prayer and through donations. Join her in giving thanks for those who subscribe to our Bible Reading Guides and ask that God will continue to encourage them.

Saturday 18 Pray that more churches will catch the vision of the Revealing Jesus mission framework, and will look to appoint Faith Guides who can help children and young people explore faith together. Pray that we will be able to support them in appropriate ways.

Week beginning May 19

Sunday 19 Pray that the children, teenagers and families who are participating in the trauma healing groups led by a member of the SU Chile team who is a psychologist will experience deep healing and find the love of Jesus.

Monday 20 Thank God for all he has provided and pray that we may trust him for an increase in giving, so that we can reach more of the 95% of children and young people who have no connection with church.

Tuesday 21 May is the birthday-month for two of the six language versions of Guardians of Ancora. Please pray for all the children playing the game but especially for those enjoying Rojet nga Ankora in Albanian and Arwyr Ancora in Welsh; it means so much for them to be able to use the app in their heart-languages.

Wednesday 22 Families Inc. (which starts on Friday) is a new holiday for families with children who have additional needs. Please pray for Helen Vinter and the team as they lead this, that it will be a place of welcome for everyone and that the families who attend will be refreshed and inspired.

Thursday 23 Pray for Mission Partner Gobaith Mon in Anglesey as their worker Amy returns from maternity leave and settles back into the work of the trust. Pray also for the trustee body as they look for new members.

Friday 24 Pray for Sarah Bowey, Sports Mission Pioneer in the north east, as she encourages more churches to have a vision for working with the 95 through sport. She asks that young people will, through the medium of sport, move from exploring the gospel to responding to Jesus’ invitation to follow him.

Saturday 25 Bookworms is a fresh Faith Guide collection for 5- to 8-year-olds, introducing them to the person of Jesus through the Bible accounts and the idea of having a friendship with him. Please pray for the Development Hub team as they shape the resources.


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