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Prayers for September - November 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying for Scripture Union's work!

Week beginning August 28

This week's prayers relate to this article. Please pray for Grow Communities.

Sunday 28 Give thanks to God for Faith Guides Ellie, Charis, Jill and other staff and volunteers linked to Southampton City Mission who share Jesus in over 50 schools and have developed two Grow Communities (Believe Club and Worship Wonders)!

Monday 29 Praise God for opening the hearts of the children at Believe Club and Worship Wonders, most of whom are not from Christian homes, to receive Jesus’ message of hope and love.

Tuesday 30 Give thanks too that the school in which Believe Club is based is so open to having this community in their midst, even though they are not faith-based.

Wednesday 31 Please pray that the children in these Grow Communities will continue to grow in their understanding of the Christian faith and that God will protect them from anything taking that faith away.

Thursday 1 Faith Guide Charis is currently undergoing chemotherapy and is grateful to God that he has kept her strong enough to continue Believe Club. Please ask God to continue to strengthen her, to bring her healing, and to bless her in all that she is and does.

Friday 2 Across the country, there are several other Faith Guide-led groups of children from non- Christian homes who are almost at the point of becoming Grow Communities – please ask God to protect and bless them and for their faith to develop and flourish.

Saturday 3 Please pray for Faith Guides to have real wisdom and patience in sharing faith with children who have no knowledge at all of the gospel. It really does take ‘baby steps’ – but all those baby steps are progress on the journey towards faith!

Week beginning September 4

Sunday 4 SU Scotland has some new gap year students starting this month. Pray that those leaving home for the first time will quickly settle, and that God will do a work of grace in and through them as they serve him over the coming year.

Monday 5 Local Mission Partner ACTIOS thank God for the relationships they built during the last academic year in the schools in St Neots. Pray that these will lead to opportunities to share the good news of Jesus. Pray for wisdom for the Trustees as they look for an additional worker and Trustee.

Tuesday 6 Pray for the Communications and Marketing team who have the difficult task of keeping supporters up to date with all that God is doing through Scripture Union. Pray particularly for Eddie Nock who leads the small team, especially for wisdom and direction as he seeks ways to connect with younger supporters.

Wednesday 7 Give thanks for the all the holidays and missions that took place this summer and for the volunteers who made them happen. Please pray for refreshment and encouragement for them as they go back to work and study again.

Thursday 8 Please pray for the new holiday club resource for churches to use in 2023, The Restoration Station, (read more here) which is due to be released in mid-October. Pray that the material will help the 95 learn about how Jesus is the Great Restorer.

Friday 9 Local Mission Partner Future Vision is praying for wisdom about how to move forward in the schools of Sudbury, Suffolk after the pandemic. Pray with them for a clear vision from God. The fields are white – pray for workers for the harvest.

Saturday 10 Maureen Okwara, Assistant Accountant, asks us to pray that the Finance team will have wisdom as they process income and expenses, and communicate with suppliers and international movements, and that they will be able to show God’s love in their work.

Week beginning September 11

Sunday 11 SU Italy asks us to pray for the young people in Italy who struggle to find jobs. Many have had to emigrate or accept low-paid jobs. Pray too for an increase in the numbers using SU Bible notes.

Monday 12 Pray for the harvest assembly tour being undertaken by Local Mission Partner Brighton and Hove City Mission. Workers Lloyd, Helen and Lauren will be collecting food from 30 schools across the city for Brighton Food Bank. Pray that schools will be receptive and will benefit.

Tuesday 13 Pray for the Faith Guides who are attending SU regional gatherings. Pray that they will leave them feeling refreshed and energised for the work God has called them to do.

Wednesday 14 Today Local Mission Partner Mustard Seed Trust who work in Morpeth will be meeting with partners to review this year’s Brinkburn Lifepath. Give thanks for all the children who attended and pray that the team will know God’s direction for the future.

Thursday 15 Some of our supporters have been in touch, apologising for their reduction in giving due to the economic climate. Thank God for their faithfulness. Pray for God’s peace and provision as they long to give to the work and feel sad that they are unable to do so to the same degree.

Friday 16 Please pray for National Mission Partner Festive as they support Christian students starting or returning to college and sixth form this month. Pray for CUs to be started, to continue and to grow in their mission and for Scattered, Festive’s online student training event.

Saturday 17 SU’s Sport Ministry Consultant, Mark Oliver asks us to pray that the Sports Mission Pioneers will settle in well and, in partnership with churches and Faith Guides, will enable sports ministry activities in some of the poorest communities, sharing the good news of Jesus through sport.

Week beginning September 18

Sunday 18 The highlight of SU Hong Kong’s 60th anniversary celebration will be a thanksgiving service and Bible conference following the AGM next Saturday. Pray that these will be times of praise and joy, giving glory to God.

Monday 19 Pray for the new Revealing Jesus Sports Pioneers who have recently started working in the north as they seek to encourage and resource churches to make Revealing Jesus a key part of their strategy for reaching children and young people.

Tuesday 20 Pray for Local Mission Partner, Doncaster Schools Worker Trust, for Linda and Dan as they meet with local churches to encourage more support for schools and young people. Pray too for Open the Book teams as they return to schools in person to lead assemblies.

Wednesday 21 We are making some improvements to the search function on our website, which is key to users of our materials. Pray for the final tests and checks before deployment. Pray that users will find that this proves a real improvement.

Thursday 22 Please pray for Tanya Pencheva, asking for wisdom and strength as she continues to provide administrative support to the Development Hub team.

Friday 23 Please pray for all the children and young people who attended holidays and missions this summer. Pray that they will reflect on all that they heard and experienced as they go back to school and that they will continue to explore faith and respond to Jesus.

Saturday 24 A year ago Local Mission Partner Missional Generation started supporting five churches and two schools. Pray that as they enter a new term and start conversations with further churches, they will have the funding to increase the team and see the fulfilment of their vision to build children’s and youth work across the cities of Leeds and Bradford.

Week beginning September 25

Sunday 25 In Africa, national Scripture Union movements meet in community groups for encouragement, support and training. Pray for the group who will be meeting and training together in N’Djamena, Chad from Wednesday until Sunday.

Monday 26 Pray for the Trustees of Local Mission Partner Christian Links in Keighley Schools as they work behind the scenes seeking God’s direction for the work, especially as they look for a new worker who will deliver the vision.

Tuesday 27 The Be More Micah collection is for Faith Guides to use with young people who are passionate about current-day issues but who do not yet know Jesus. Please pray for Content Innovator Maggie Barfield as she brings together expert consultants and contributors to create two new resources on the environment and racial justice.

Wednesday 28 Pray for Ben Poch as he heads up the Regional Mission team as they continue to grow SU’s mission across England and Wales. Pray especially that the new staff who have started in Regional Mission Prayers over the past six months would settle into their roles.

Thursday 29 Pray that the Grow Communities ‘Worship Wonders’ and ‘Believe Club’ in Southampton will continue to have an impact in their schools (read more here).

Friday 30 Sarah Davison has a new role looking into what a hybrid model of mission might look like (involving journeying with children and young people both face to face and in digital spaces). Please pray for wisdom, creativity and insight as she helps us explore how to connect with some of the hardest to reach.

Saturday 1 Please pray for discernment as we reflect on the early experience of our new Revealing Jesus and Sports Mission Pioneers, and as we continue to refine our Revealing Jesus mission framework to help local churches journey alongside the 95 more effectively. 

Week beginning October 2

Sunday 2 Pray that the SU Singapore Children’s Ministry team will know God’s wisdom as they prepare for the SUPA Camps for primary age children which will take place in November–December. Pray that the Lord will provide volunteers, campsites, partnerships with churches, and finances.

Monday 3 Give thanks for the Faith Guides across the south west. Pray for the Faith Guide Focus Group meetings where they and the team supporting them can meet online to share what they are doing, and explore ways of sharing Jesus with children and young people.

Tuesday 4 Mission Events Coordinator Susannah Quinn asks us to pray for the children and young people who attended the summer holiday and mission events as they start the autumn term. Pray that the memories stay with them and the seeds continue to grow within them.

Wednesday 5 Pray for Gareth Davies, newly appointed Support Worker in Wales, as he gets to grips with his new role. Pray that he will be efficient and effective, learn the processes and system of work quickly, and above all that God will bless and further the work that is being done in Wales.

Thursday 6 Every summer, a small team of staff provide safeguarding support to the holidays and missions. They will meet this month to debrief, reflect and pray for those who have needed help. Pray for children and young people who face all sorts of challenges in their lives.

Friday 7 Central Region Support Worker Karen Quinney thanks God that she is able to provide administrative support for face-to-face workers thus enabling them to achieve more. Pray for her as the team adjust to having a new team leader.

Saturday 8 Pray for Local Mission Partner Artless as they take their production of ‘If Prison Walls Could Speak’ to 100 churches in 2022–23. The presentation contains a message that is inspiring and challenging for both Christian and non-Christian audiences.

Week beginning October 9

This week's prayers relate to this article and our recent appeal. Please pray for our passionate pioneers!

Sunday 9 Praise God for releasing the funds needed for these vital new strategic SU roles, which will be so key in supporting churches in outreach to children and young people not in church.

Monday 10 Please pray for the people taking up these new mission Pioneer roles, that they will be able to quickly get to grips with the opportunities and the challenges and be a real blessing to the churches they will be serving.

Tuesday 11 Give thanks for all Faith Guides – particularly Fiona, Charis and Carol – for their enormous enthusiasm and commitment in journeying with children and young people as they explore and respond to Jesus and grow in faith.

Wednesday 12 Ask God to guide and bless Father Paul, Carol and all involved in Safe Haven Seaham, particularly in their work with children and young people not in church.

Thursday 13 Please pray that God will make Safe Haven Seaham a beacon in the community that draws children and young people to his light and love. Pray that they will find sanctuary and be open to learning about the hope that only Jesus can offer.

Friday 14 Please pray for our partnership with the Diocese of Durham, that it will bear much fruit and that we can learn and grow together in understanding how best to share the good news of Jesus with the next generation.

Saturday 15 Ask God to help Faith Guides to make time to share with and learn from one another, as it can make such a difference to be part of a wider team with a shared passion and vision – particularly for smaller churches like Carol’s.

Week beginning October 16

Sunday 16 In Ethiopia the political, economic, and social crisis is worsening making it impossible for SU Ethiopia to work effectively. Pray that God will bring peace and that the government will look with favour on the movement’s request for some land.

Monday 17 Last month, the south east region hosted a regional gathering for Faith Guides and Mission Partners. Regional Mission Team Leader Josh Booth asks us to pray that as they move forward the regional team will continue to be valuable partners and provide support in mission across the region.

Tuesday 18 Please pray for Content Developer Leanne Sheppard and the rest of the Development Hub team as they put the finishing touches to a new resource for Christmas. Pray that this resource will provide an opportunity for Faith Guides, churches and children’s and youth workers to build relationships and share Jesus.

Wednesday 19 The Scripture Union Board has overall oversight of the mission strategy and finances and ensures that the movement is compliant with current legislation. Pray that as it meets today members will have God’s wisdom and will know his direction.

Thursday 20 This year we piloted resources for the holidays and missions to use to equip children and young people for mission. Please pray for the team of staff and volunteers working on these resources as they evaluate their use over the summer and seek to develop them further for the future.

Friday 21 Pray for increasing engagement across the Faith Guide Community, for the family of Faith Guides to grow and continue to support each other.

Saturday 22 Mission Enabler Lucy Pearson asks us to pray for all her Faith Guides across the north. Pray that as they step into a new season they will feel refreshed and ready for all that God has planned for their ministry.

Week beginning October 23

Sunday 23 SU Timor-Leste thanks God for their new weekly devotion, God’s Word for Today, and for those who have signed up to receive it via WhatsApp. Please pray for the team as they produce it and ask that it may help quench the thirst of those who seek the living water from Christ and his Word.

Monday 24 Pray for all the churches and Faith Guides running Light Parties and other events in the south east region during October. Pray that they would be beacons of light and hope as winter approaches.

Tuesday 25 Pray for Brad, Jay and Alfie of Local Mission Partner Graceworks as they deliver activities in the schools in Havering. Pray that this would be the beginning of many more exciting opportunities to work within the schools.

Wednesday 26 Give thanks for the many opportunities to use the Guardians of Ancora app in face-to-face mission. Faith Guides have exclusive access to materials that follow the Revealing Jesus framework; group leaders are using the Clubs Kit and goody bags in schools, churches and communities; others are running holiday clubs and fun days. Please pray for happy players and positive relationships.

Thursday 27 Please pray for Content Administrator, Michelle Newstead, as she serves the Development Hub team and continues to update various digital platforms, keeping people informed of the products Scripture Union has available.

Friday 28 Please pray for the Holidays and Missions team as they book sites and work on budgets, website, booking systems and the holiday brochure in preparation for the programme in 2023.

Saturday 29 This month Local Mission Partner Christian Schools Workers Hastings will be using the resource GSUS Live in secondary academies. Please pray that doors will be open, strong relationships will be formed and that the young people will be stimulated to think about Jesus and all that he has done for them.

Week beginning October 30

Sunday 30 SU Slovakia give thanks for all the Ukrainian resources they have been able to distribute to help churches and other organisations. Pray that the Ukrainian and Slovak language handouts for children will be put to good use.

Monday 31 Please pray for those using Scripture Union’s resources this Halloween. Pray that children and young people will encounter Jesus as the Light of the World at a time when so many are focused on darkness.

Tuesday 1 Pray for John Settatree, National Mission Leader in Wales, as he leads a new team who have all joined the staff within the last 18 months. Pray that he will have the wisdom to help them grow into their roles and gel as a team.

Wednesday 2 Pray for Local Mission Partner Reach as they work across secondary schools in Reading offering lessons, assemblies and more. Pray for the work of their director Indy Nottage, their administrator Anne Wigmore and all of their volunteers.

Thursday 3 Pray for the young people who attended the Rooted retreat in the summer and for the planning of an autumn Rooted retreat for Rooted hubs across the north west.

Friday 4 Pray for the ministry of the Central Region – for the staff team, Faith Guides, Local Mission Partners and volunteers – as they connect with the 95 and help them to understand more of God’s love for them.

Saturday 5 Please pray for south east region Support Worker, Tsvetelina Smale. Pray for knowledge and wisdom to support the team to the best of her ability for God’s glory. Pray too for her to continue building strong relationships with colleagues and external partners.

Week beginning November 6

Sunday 6 Please pray for SU Sri Lanka’s upcoming programme in the northern region amongst children who are affected by war and those with special needs. Shortage of fuel makes travel impossible and a shortage of essentials means they cannot provide meals for those who participate.

Monday 7 The aim of Local Mission Partner Watford Schools Work Trust is to give every school child a clear understanding of the Christian faith. Workers Tricia and Johanna deliver lessons and assemblies in 60 primary schools. Pray for inspiration for new and creative ways of relating to children.

Tuesday 8 Pray that Jordana Smith, newly appointed Mission Enabler in the south east, will learn all that she needs for her job and will understand God’s vision for SU’s direction. Pray that she will be able to help churches and Faith Guides to reach the 95 and to impact their communities.

Wednesday 9 This year we piloted resources for the holidays and missions to use to develop and train our young leaders. Please pray for the team of staff and volunteers working on this programme as they evaluate the trial that took place over the summer and seek to develop it further for the future.

Thursday 10 Please pray for the Development Hub as they finish working on resources for churches and Faith Guides to use with children and young people in the runup to Christmas.

Friday 11 Local Mission Partner Ouzel Valley Pioneer Ministry has appointed a Pioneer Missioner called Tom. The first year of his role will be community listening to ascertain the needs they can address in the new housing surrounding Leighton Buzzard. Please pray that they will listen well to the community and to God’s leading.

Saturday 12 The SU Council is meeting today. Give thanks for the volunteer members who represent different parts of the country, varied age groups and who bring specialist expertise to different elements of the movement’s work. Pray that God will direct their discussion.

Week beginning November 13

Sunday 13 Scripture Union International are excited that they are able to deliver online children’s ministry training in restricted countries where there is no SU presence. Pray that through these sessions God will open the way for children and young people to be reached with the good news of Jesus.

Monday 14 Local Mission Partner Southport & Area Schools Worker Trust thank God for the opportunities they have in local schools and the expansion of their work this year. Please pray for more volunteers to keep up with their growing ministry.

Tuesday 15 Pray for emerging Grow Communities, that God will resource them and encourage them in the work that they are doing and draw the 95 to these communities. 

Wednesday 16 Pray that the team in Wales will be able to encourage more churches to make use of the Revealing Jesus mission framework, and to grow the reach and depth of churches already working with it.

Thursday 17 The Impact Schools Team is a Local Mission Partner in North Powys. The two workers, Huw Ellis & Darren Mayor lead assemblies and lessons in the local primary and secondary schools in English and in Welsh. Pray for the work they continue to do both in and out of the schools in the area.

Friday 18 Please pray for Emma Price as she provides support for the Regional Mission team, helping the team to support Faith Guides as they reach out to the 95.

Saturday 19 Work is being undertaken to improve the holiday booking systems; pray for clarity in understanding requirements and for good relationships and clear communication with suppliers so that we get the changes implemented in good time ahead of the new holiday season.

Week beginning November 20

Sunday 20 More than 200 schools across Australia are urgently requesting SU school chaplains. Pray that God would raise up the right people to fill these positions so that more young people can experience God’s love in their time of need.

Monday 21 Thank God for his faithfulness to Scripture Union. Pray for the work on developing new income streams, and an increase in sustainable giving to enable the growth of the ministry.

Tuesday 22 Praise God for the reach of the mission of Guardians of Ancora around the world, especially in Central and South America where the Spanish and Portuguese versions are gathering players, despite the impact of the pandemic. Please pray for the national Scripture Union movements as they seek to grow ministry in these hard-pressed regions.

Wednesday 23 During the autumn, the Holidays and Missions team run training sessions for those who will be stepping into overall leadership for the first time in the coming year. Please pray for the team as they plan and deliver the training, and for those who take part, that they will be inspired and equipped for their new roles.

Thursday 24 Local Mission Partner Cynllun Efe works with the schools in the Wyrfai and Peris valleys and the surrounding areas in the county of Gwynedd. Pray for all the work they do in the schools and with the local churches.

Friday 25 Pray for Claire Baines who has recently taken on the role of Marketing Officer. Pray that she will settle in quickly and will soon be able to make improvements to the ways we promote SU’s resources and events, ensuring even more children and young people can benefit from what SU has to offer.

Saturday 26 Please pray for the team as they put the finishing touches to the July– September 2023 edition of Daily Bread and Encounter with God. Pray that these publications will be helpful and will build up those who read them next year.


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