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Where there is unity God commands a blessing

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How can little old me change the world and see God's Kingdom come? This is a prayer that can often be heard, and one of the most common ways God responds is by telling us to do this together.

When the people of God join together, we share resources and dream bigger dreams than we ever could on our own. As we collaborate across denominations and boundaries, God moves in powerful ways.

Over the past year, I have seen more young people come to faith than there are days, which is only possible through collaboration with others in sharing the good news.

Higher Cambs


It started out as an idea from one person who was stirred by the idea of seeing their region being completely remodelled by the power of God's Spirit. Now we're about to reach out into 34 secondary schools across Cambridgeshire. In October, Scripture Union are partnering with Mission Direct, Ely Diocese, Cambridge & District Youth for Christ, Newmarket & District Youth for Christ, Message Trust and dozens of churches to send bands into schools to share the message and love of Jesus. This will culminate in three high-level evangelistic presentations in key venues across Cambridgeshire. One person alone could not reach that many schools yet, together, we stand firm in the promises of God, believing salvation will come and that Cambridgeshire can be completely transformed for Jesus.

Do you have a dream to reach your local schools? Why not get in touch and let us partner together to see many thousands come to faith.

Footprints Theatre Trust tour

Footprints Primary Tour

We don't just partner into secondary schools. Recently, Scripture Union partnered with Footprints Theatre Trust and churches across Notts/Derby to reach out into 15 primary schools with modern and relevant retelling of same of the parables of Jesus. Taking a professional theatre performance into the schools, followed up by a family event on the Saturday, we saw many children enthused with the stories of Jesus and starting to ask questions of faith for themselves.

Are you looking to reach your local primary schools, maybe linked with a theatre tour? if so, do get in touch.

Hope Revolution Peterborough

Glo Party HRP

For the last few years, we have been part of the amazing group at Hope Revolution Peterborough, a partnership between churches, charities and Christian organisations, to see young people reached with the good news of Jesus.

With a desire to see over 1,000 young people come to faith, and be actively discipled in their faith over the course of five years, we are well and truly on target! Running large-scale evangelistic events and Light Parties, as well as schools tours with the likes of Guvna B and Lindz West, we are seeing fruit from our unity together. Bringing together like minded individuals with a passion for Jesus who pray together, support one another and get on and do ministry is the way to see lives forever changed.

Can we come and pray with you, help draw others together and see lives change? Please do get in touch if you'd like us to help.

CMJ Conference

Rachel Gardner

Partnerships are one of the most effective ways of doing ministry and I have one last event to tell you about.

Recently I was approached to help take the youth conference of CMJ to the next level, and look at how we can reach out to an even wider audience with the saving truth of the gospel. CMJ look to reach out to Jewish people with the love of Jesus and to see young people come to know the Messiah for themselves. So pulling in experts, including Rachel Gardner and Chip Kendall, we encouraged many young people to reach out to their friends. So, looking ahead to the next year, we hope to run two more evangelistic events as well as a youth weekend. It's amazing how opportunities arise out of working in partnership with others.

With talks of two evangelistic events, as well as a youth weekend next year, it is amazing how opportunities arise out of working together. 

So do not delay, get in touch with us and see how we can partner together to see the 95% of children and young people come who don't go to church come to know Jesus for themselves. I once heard that if 10% of a community believe in something so wholeheartedly, and live out their beliefs, then the majority will follow. So I am praying for 5% more to come to know Jesus, and then perhaps we will see the 90% follow!


Bob Goody

SU Development Worker, Central Team

I'm passionate about caring, sharing and empowering the Christian church into action and helping to ensure that every child and young person has an opportunity to hear the gospel in a form they can understand and respond to. I do this by working in schools, churches, parks, festivals, or even just out on the streets.


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