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Thanks to your support, and through the Good News Fund, we were able to help All Hallows in Blackpool start a board game outreach initiative, seeing children come along to church groups as a result.

Stephen Taylor, Family Support Worker at All Hallows, shares what's been happening...

On the last Wednesday of September, we ran our first session of Your Turn, and ten people came along. We played lots of games and had a great night of fun and laughter. Everyone who came wanted to come again to the next one, and one of the couples now wants to bring their 7-year-old along to our next Messy Church session.

The second session went even better; it overran by 45 minutes as we were having some deep conversations and building good relationships. The couple who came last time brought their son, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself; not only does he want to come to Messy Church, but he also wants to come to our junior school club – All Stars.

So far, we have used the money from SU's Good News Fund to buy ten tablets which can be used for video tutorials for the games, as well as for playing games on themselves, of course. The fund also helped us to purchase 18 board games, each of which was picked because it could be used in some way, shape or form to help introduce Christian concepts.

" of the couples now wants to bring their 7-year-old along to our next Messy Church session."

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