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Introduction to Schools Ministry Training

95% of under-18s aren’t in church BUT the majority of them are in schools. So what does it look like for us as schools workers to connect with them there? 

Introduction to Schools Ministry Training

Join us for our schools training and be equipped and encouraged to explore schools work in a way that’s relevant for your community. Designed for those new to schools work, the Introduction to Schools Ministry course is suitable for schools workers and church-based youth and children’s workers – both paid and unpaid.

Our training days will feature sessions on collective worship, clubs, year-round support, how to serve your school well, the key to developing local partnerships as well as how we can ensure a relational and long-term approach.

Online training

Join us online on Tuesday 21st May 2024 online for a day of focused schools training. We'd strongly recommend that you attend all sessions, but we know that that isn't always possible, so please feel free to sign up and join us for the sessions that you can!

9:00am - 9:45am - Session 1: Introduction

9:45am - 10:45am - Session 2: Clubs

Refreshment break

11:15am - 12:15pm - Session 3: Collective Worship

Refreshment break

1:00pm - 2:00pm - Session 4: Revealing Jesus and Year–Round Ministry

Refreshment break

2:15pm - 3:00pm - Session 5: Local Partnership

Refreshment break

7:30pm - 8:30pm - Session 6: 'Love' Your School

To access these free online training sessions, you will need to have signed up to receive Mission Support from Scripture Union. Discover more about Mission Support and how, together, we can unlock the full potential of your outreach to children and young people who don't go to church. 

Can't make it?

Don't worry! We'll be repeating Introduction to Schools Ministry online training on Monday 16th September so put the date in your diary - bookings will open early summer 2024.

Alternatively, why not join us in person and come and meet some of our incredible team face-to-face? Check out the details below!

Face-to-face training

In September 2024 you can join us in person in

St Georges Church, Leeds (16th September)
St Michael's Church Centre, Bristol (24th September)

In our experience, this training is best received in person. Gathering people who work in similar roles together allows for a greater depth of engagement and conversation!

If you're interested in this training, we'd really encourage you to consider getting along to Leeds or Bristol to meet face-to-face with our incredible team, as well as others who can inspire and encourage you too.

More information will follow and bookings will open soon.

Revealing Jesus (CTA part width) skateboard girl
Revealing Jesus (girl skateboard)

The Revealing Jesus mission framework

Although each child and young person is different, our research and experience show us that most go through the same stages as they become and grow as a Christian: Connect, Explore, Respond and Grow.

The Revealing Jesus mission framework provides shaping principles for each stage, but also offers flexibility in expression as we recognise that contexts, and children and young people themselves, vary hugely.

Discover more

Schools ministry is all about taking the good news of Jesus into schools and creating opportunities for children and young people to Connect with others, Explore the Bible, Respond to Jesus, and Grow in their faith.

Discover how we can help you and your church as you reach out to children and young people in your local schools. 

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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