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Welcome! You might be here because you are interested in finding out how Guardians of Ancora can be used in a church setting. We have lots of great information for you which you can explore in this e-book: Using Guardians of Ancora in Ministry.

Now updated, this 4th edition includes two new 'special events' for church and community. (This edition updated 9 October 2018.)


  • 7–11 yrs
  • Technology
  • Church & Community,
  • Holiday clubs
  • English
  • Content type:
  • Resource (free)
  • Purpose:
    • Outreach

    More to explore

    Guardians of Ancora is a totally innovative interactive game-app experience; designed for children aged 8 to 11 and completely free to download and play.
    Why the project was started; the people involved and what parents, church leaders and, most of all, children think of this incredible game.
    Learn about all the features of the Guardians of Ancora app, under the careful instruction of the Guildmaster.
    All 10 Guardians of Ancora free to read, download and use

    The Guildmaster

    The first citizen of Ancora

    The Guildmaster is the first citizen of Ancora. He leads the city with wisdom and strength. Full of good advice, he wants to see Guardians do their best.

    The 95 block

    Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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