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‘The best of both worlds!’

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Sarah Horne leads SU Local Mission Partner Reach which shares Jesus primarily with secondary school pupils in and around Reading. She tells us more about their work and why they value the relationship with Scripture Union, made possible through your generosity.

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‘We lead RE and PSHE lessons, mentor pupils and provide pastoral care to school staff to bless them – they are so thankful that someone values what they do.

‘We also train and support young Christians to lead Christian Unions (CUs) in nine Reading schools. We launched one last year at a big comprehensive – it’s led by two young people from my church. Lots of their non-Christian friends come to it every week. Nobody else tells them about God and they’re really interested and ask deep questions.

‘These young leaders will, by God’s grace, become the preachers and church leaders of the future. We’ve just had a town-wide prayer meeting at which some of those CU leaders stood on stage and shared what they want us to pray for their generation. It’s a great experience for them.

We love partnering with SU

‘We already use the Revealing Jesus framework to guide our plans and are about to become Faith Guides. We love partnering with SU. It gives us credibility with local churches, and access to high-quality resources, training and support. Pete (Croall) our SU Mission Enabler is always ready with advice and guiding us to resources we can use. Also, SU helps our Trustees with HR issues and does our DBS checks for us. And it’s great to come together with LMPs doing the same as us in other towns, to learn, pray for and encourage and inspire one another.

‘Being an LMP feels like we’re part of a bigger team, but with the freedom to work in a way that supports the local spiritual situation and need. It’s the best of both worlds!’

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