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Create is a brand-new SU Holiday. Head of Mission Events, Jo Morley explains the heart behind it…

Arts and Crafts can so often be overlooked or tagged into a holiday club or event as an ‘easy extra’. But we know that many children and young people love the chance to let their imaginations run wild and lose themselves in their own creativity, so we decided to develop a holiday exclusively focusing on arts and crafts!

"But I’m not creative"

At some point in time, humans have made a distinction between those who ARE creative, and those who are NOT. The reality is, we are all creative! We may not all be the next Picasso but we were all created by a creative God! The very first verse of Scripture describes a creative act as “God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). Creativity sometimes just needs the space to be taught, practiced and developed.

Jo Morley

Designed for children in school years 7 to 10 who are up for having a week of fun and letting their imagination go wild, this Easter holiday will be a mix of both structured and unstructured sessions as we look to ignite creativity and develop confidence.

We want the children and young people who come to be provided with the opportunity to slow down, engage with their senses, and enjoy the process as they learn to express themselves through colour and design. 

Create runs on the same dates and at the same location as SU Bake Off! So not only does this make it an ideal holiday for those with siblings attending the Bake Off, but those attending the Create holiday gets to benefit from a regular flow of yummy goodness!

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