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Prayers for March – May 2021

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Thank you for joining us in praying for Scripture Union's work!

Week Beginning February 28

This week's prayers relate to this article. Please pray for Faith Guides and the children and young people in their care.

Sunday 28
Give thanks to God for calling Scripture Union staff and supporters, churches and local mission partners to take Jesus’ message of hope to children and young people who aren’t part of a church. 

Monday 1
Praise God that young people like Francesca are so open to learning more about him. 

Tuesday 2
Please pray that God will prepare the hearts of many more children and young people to hear about Jesus and the difference he makes to the adventures and challenges of life. 

Wednesday 3
Give thanks to God for all those who have already committed to become Faith Guides and to walk with children and young people on their spiritual journey. 

Thursday 4
Ask God to give Faith Guides plenty of opportunities to connect with children and young people, help them explore the difference that Jesus can make to their lives, give them opportunities to respond, and enable them to grow in faith. 

Friday 5
Please ask God to raise up many more Faith Guides over the coming months, and that he will help us to inspire and equip them for their vital work. 

Saturday 6
Praise God for the privilege and responsibility of sharing the good news of Jesus with today’s children and young people and pray that he makes us equal to the task.

Week Beginning March 7

Sunday 7
Scripture Union in German-speaking Switzerland have planned a retreat with the staff team next weekend. Thank God for the gifted and united team and pray that this will be a fruitful time.

Monday 8
Pray for Local Mission Partner Christian Connections in Schools working in Slough, Maidenhead and Windsor as this week they run Easter Cracked for the 27th year either face to face or via video. Pray that children will grasp the truth of the Easter message. 

Tuesday 9
Pray for Simon Barker, Regional Team Leader in the central region, as he leads the staff team of Steve Hutchinson, Hannah Legge, Matt Farley and Karen Quinney, supports Faith Guides and Local Mission Partners in the central region and prepares for some face-to-face mission later this year. 

Wednesday 10
Pray for the holidays that will be happening online this Easter, in particular The SU Bake Off 1 and sailing holiday Kestrels which has new leadership (Phil Maltby is joining Mary Jeddere-Fisher). Pray that young people will be keen to take part and not feel Zoom fatigue. Pray too for those who will be disappointed that they still can’t come on a normal holiday. 

Thursday 11
As we train new Faith Guides and help them get started, please pray for them and their communities that they would find great ways to connect with the 95 at the start of their journey. 

Friday 12
Local Mission Partner Impact in Bedford are having to replace their normal live re-enactment of the Easter story with a video. Pray that many more children and staff will have the opportunity to hear and see the story than ever before. Pray too for the production of other online resources.

Saturday 13
Helen Franklin (Mission Enabler in North Wales), asks us to pray that more churches will catch the vision for the new mission framework and for the development of projects in the churches who are already involved.

Week Beginning March 14

Sunday 14
Pray for SU chaplains and volunteer teams in Victoria, Australia as they continue working in primary and secondary schools. Pray for wisdom and energy as they build relationships with young people, support school communities and represent Jesus’ love.

Monday 15
Please pray for Angela Grigson, Senior Content Manager in the Development Hub team. Ask God to give Angela wisdom and insight as she works on several different projects at the same time and co-ordinates the work of many different contributors.

Tuesday 16
Local Mission Partner Thrive working in around Warwick and Leamington Spa has launched a new weekly podcast The Heart of a Youth Leader to help youth and children’s leaders stay close to Jesus in their ministry. Pray that people will discover the podcast and will find it helpful.

Wednesday 17
This July it will be 25 years since Local Mission Partner YoYo became a trust; pray for wisdom as they share their story with their faithful supporters and envision a new generation and as they creatively share the Easter story with primary and secondary schools in York and the surrounding area.

Thursday 18
Pray for Content Developer Esther CalvertJordan as she develops content for Faith Guides to use in supporting children and young people on their spiritual journey, asking for wisdom so that the children and young people will grow in their knowledge of God and flourish.

Friday 19
The SU Council meets tomorrow and this will be the first meeting for several new members. Give thanks for all those who volunteer in this capacity, giving their time to provide insights and wisdom to help discern God’s leading and shape the movement.

Saturday 20
Local Mission Partner Milton Keynes Bridgebuilder Trust give thanks for the receptiveness of the schools who engage with their work and ask us to pray for the creation of their emotional well-being workshops and for secondary schools struggling with the current environment.

Week Beginning March 21

Sunday 21
SU in Macau asks us to pray for the video screening of Monthly Bible Talk this year, asking for more volunteers to help in this project and more people to join the talks and be encouraged in their faith by engaging with Scripture.

Monday 22
Please pray for our new QR-codebased trail resource – In Search of Easter. Ask God to help local churches to see how they might use this resource to connect with children, young people and families in their community.

Tuesday 23
Pray that God may lead Mission Enabler Chris Eales to the best ways of working with Faith Guides in Bodmin, Swanage and Exeter, planning, envisioning and supporting ministry practically within current COVID-19 guidelines. Pray for more Faith Guides in and around North Devon.

Wednesday 24
Local Mission Partner Christian Outreach to Newbury Schools gives thanks for schools team leader Joni McAuliffe and session workers Emma, Victoria and Kate. Pray that the revised form of Easter Eggsplored will communicate the wonder of Easter in a way that is authentic, understandable and applicable.

Thursday 25
Easter is a traditional time for churches to run holiday clubs. COVID-19 restrictions are likely to mean that face-to-face holiday clubs will not be possible. Pray that as churches adapt SU programmes and run them online children will hear the good news of Jesus in fresh ways.

Friday 26
Thank God for our team of Mission Enablers, working across England and Wales to envision, train and support Faith Guides as they reach out to the 95 in their communities.

Saturday 27
Pray for Zoraida Ali Smith, PA to Director of Culture and Innovation, as she supports the ongoing work of developing thought leadership especially in exploring ways of utilising the gifts of younger staff and volunteers throughout the movement. 

Week Beginning March 28

Sunday 28
Pray that SU Kenya may acquire new partnerships to help them scale up a Trauma Healing and Mental Health programme they have initiated to address the mental health challenges compounded by COVID-19.

Monday 29
Please pray for the digital Easter Assembly created by Local Mission Partner Engage which will be sent to more than 30 schools in and around Woking. Pray that this will encourage many to consider the hope and joy of Christ and that it will be an encouragement to Christian students.

Tuesday 30
A new curriculum, based on the Guardians of Ancora app, is being used in at least ten countries and three languages. Please pray that church leaders around the world will catch the vision for this way of sharing the good news with children; and that these mission resources will reach those who have never heard the name of Jesus.

Wednesday 31
We thank God that his financial provision enables us to make grants to other SU movements. Pray for Sue Winning as she oversees the grant application and reporting processes.

Thursday 1
It’s always exciting to hear of someone responding to Jesus’ invitation into lifelong relationship with him. Faith Guides will be supporting children and young people who make this choice through Grow Communities. Please do pray for them.

Friday 2
As we reflect today on the death of Jesus, pause to think of the 95 per cent of children and young people who have no concept of Jesus or the significance of his life, ministry and death. Pray that as we develop new ways of reaching them the Spirit will be at work in their lives.

Saturday 3
Pray for the leadership and staff as they enter a new financial year asking that God would continue to refresh and renew their strategic vision as they seek to refine and implement the bold new direction set by the Revealing Jesus mission framework.

Week Beginning April 4

Sunday 4
Scripture Union Bulgaria recommenced mission trips to Montana in North Western Bulgaria in September partnering with churches in this region of great spiritual need. Pray for wisdom on how to continue this work and for God’s protection.

Monday 5
Local Mission Partner Fleet and Crookham Churches Together in Schools took on two new part-time staff last September bringing the total to four. Pray for them as they hope to restart face-to-face engagement with children through Open the Book assemblies, lunch clubs in junior and primary schools and Christian Unions in secondary schools.

Tuesday 6
Supporter Care Assistant John Cartwright asks us to pray that the team will continue to develop more efficient and forward focused ways of working and that IT solutions will work smoothly, ensuring that we communicate effectively with all our supporters.

Wednesday 7
Pray that Faith Guides would feel confident in helping introduce the Bible into their relationships with the 95, inviting them to explore, respond and grow, and trusting that God will be preparing their hearts.

Thursday 8
As we prepare to move our database to a new system please pray for effective engagement across the movement, close working with our implementation partner, and that we deliver something that really helps improve the experience of our supporters and volunteers.

Friday 9
Thank God for the way that Christopher Baker, Schools Worker with Local Mission Partner Christian Initiative to Schools in Letchworth, has been able to adapt to new working practices and for the positive response to the recorded assemblies that have been sent out. Please pray that this would continue as future assemblies are produced.

Saturday 10
Ancora Mission Leader Maggie Barfield is looking forward to children’s clubs running again, in schools, churches and communities. Pray for the release of new video resources to inspire Guardians of Ancora club leaders; the videos have been waiting since April 2020 and are eager to be viewed!

Week Beginning April 11

This week's prayers relate to this article. Please pray for schools at the start of a new term.

Sunday 11
Praise God for teachers and school support staff, for their extraordinary dedication, flexibility and patience since the start of the pandemic restrictions around this time last year.

Monday 12
At the start of this new summer term, please ask God to bless all the pupils and help them to settle and to find some routine, regardless of the education setting they find themselves in.

Tuesday 13
Give thanks to God for all the Faith Guides, churches and local mission partners that are working with schools. Pray that this new term will bring them new opportunities to share his love.

Wednesday 14
Please pray that God will help teachers and pupils to grasp that he can be the strong and sure foundation for their lives in a time of great change.

Thursday 15
Please pray that many Christian secondary school students will be able to share Jesus with their friends through Shine.

Friday 16
Praise God that last summer, It’s Your Move proved so helpful to Year 6 pupils like Sam as they moved schools during the pandemic. Please pray that even more schools will see its value and want to use it this summer.

Saturday 17
Give thanks to God for inspiring SU to develop the suite of mental health resources even before the pandemic began. Pray that many Christians working in schools will use them to support the well-being of students.

Week Beginning April 18

Sunday 18
Please pray for the schools team of Scripture Union Northern Ireland as they seek to produce online RE lessons designed to help children with their mental health. Pray that these will be well-received and well-used in the months ahead.

Monday 19
Pray for Mission Enabler Sam Fowler as he supports Faith Guides in Essex and Hertfordshire, particularly as they continue journeying with children and young people after Easter projects. Pray for new opportunities to share the good news of Jesus in the summer months.

Tuesday 20
Please pray for Jill Warren, Content Assistant, and Tanya Pencheva, Development Hub Assistant, as they work to support the content creation work of the Development Hub. Thank God for their gifts and skills in organisation and creativity.

Wednesday 21
Pray for Local Mission Partner Scripture Union Ministries Trust on the Isle of Man as they seek to recruit new team members and gap-year students to meet the many needs of the schools on the island against a background of tighter border controls. Pray that the right people will be found and will fit in well.

Thursday 22
Pray that despite the uncertainties, volunteers will be keen to serve on the holidays and missions this summer and will apply in good time so that we can make sure everyone is cleared and ready to go.

Friday 23
Pray for new Grow Communities as they are forming, for strong relationships, safe space for open discussions, and good engagement with the Bible as children and young people from the 95 discover more of who God is.

Saturday 24
Kathy Brooks, Appeals and Legacies Manager, has a very varied role within the fundraising team, and often wears lots of hats. Please pray for God’s guidance and wisdom as she project manages the fundraising appeals, supports the Mission Enablers with their fundraising and manages all the legacy administration. 

Week Beginning April 25

Sunday 25
In South Sudan SU praises God that, despite COVID-19, ministry continues in the country and in the refugee camps in Tanzania and Ethiopia. Pray that the Lord will continue to give renewed zeal and passion to the teams doing the work.

Monday 26
It’s now six months since we launched the Revealing Jesus mission framework! Thank God for the many churches and individuals who have already joined in and pray that more would catch the vision to share God’s love with the 95.

Tuesday 27
Local Mission Partner Blackpool Schools and Youth Work would normally reach around 50,000 children every year through assemblies, lessons, clubs and workshops. Pray for them as they look for new ways to make contact.

Wednesday 28
The pandemic has had a detrimental impact on the development of language versions of Guardians of Ancora, with team members directly affected and global lockdowns halting progress. Please pray for the teams in South Africa and South America who are working in challenging and volatile social, political and medical situations.

Thursday 29
Children and young people face many challenges: gang culture, violent crime and drugs, grooming and peer pressure. Heidi Beckham, Mission Events Coordinator, asks us to pray for their protection and that many will find help, support and encouragement through summer activities.

Friday 30
Pray for those who came on our Easter online events that they will continue to grow in their faith and keep persevering even when things are challenging.

Saturday 1
Jane Webber from Local Mission Partner Schools Christian Worker Project in Oswestry area spent much of 2020 preparing online material for assemblies, lessons and prayer spaces for 20 primary and secondary schools in the area. Praise God that many have said how much they value this material and pray that this will create new opportunities for face-to-face work.

Week Beginning May 2

Sunday 2
Praise God that SU Hong Kong has been able to develop an SU Children’s Channel this year. It’s an online series of short videos, including puppet drama, children’s quiet times, and learning Bible verses through physical exercises. Please pray for strength and creativity as they produce more videos.

Monday 3
Please pray for Gemma Willis in her Head of Development Hub role. Ask God to give her clarity and wisdom as she decides which content opportunities to pursue and which ones to leave behind.

Tuesday 4
Debbie Edge, Supporter Care Assistant, asks us to pray that God will help the mobilisation team to come up with new and innovative ways to reach our supporters and for preparations for the Mission Event Conference which is due to take place on 16 May.

Wednesday 5
Pray for Chris, Sarah, Sophie and Nancy, workers with Local Mission Partner Christians in Calderdale Schools as they support staff and students, offering a listening ear through mentoring, and producing material to help from a distance. Pray for them as they look to expand to support other schools in the borough.

Thursday 6
The Board meets today. Give thanks for the willingness of the Trustees to serve God and SU in this way. Pray for them as they take responsibility for the good governance of SU, ensuring that the charity is run in a way that is legal, responsible and effective for the gospel.

Friday 7
Pray that the Mission Enablers would find good contacts with churches and individuals, providing more opportunities to share the vision of Revealing Jesus and to invite people to become Faith Guides.

Saturday 8
Pray for Gifts Administrator Tracey Bell facing a heavy workload following the departure of a colleague. Pray she will soon become familiar with the new customer relations system to help her record our supporters’ gifts.

Week Beginning May 9

Sunday 9
Scripture Union Spain ask us to pray for the new training courses for Sunday school teachers that they have recently started delivering.

Monday 10
Local Mission Partner C4E, with the help of local worker Joseph George, is planning a Christianity Awareness Week in two colleges in North Wales this week. Please pray for each conversation to be an exciting move forward in the faith journey of every young person contacted.

Tuesday 11
Stephen Vis, Director of Finance and Services, would welcome prayer for guidance as the team complete the year-end accounts. Pray too for an effective use of resources across the movement to maximise the reach and impact to children and young people, especially those who do not yet know Jesus.

Wednesday 12
Grow Communities enable the faith of the 95 to flourish. Thank God for churches who are hosting them and pray for them as they nurture new Christians in their early discipleship.

Thursday 13
Please pray for Maggie Barfield, Ancora Mission Leader, and her work as part of the Development Hub team. Pray for Maggie as she considers how best to resource and equip those who use the Guardians of Ancora app.

Friday 14
Pray that Local Mission Partner Gobaith Môn working in Anglesey will be able to grow the work to reach as many young people as possible with the hope of Jesus, and that they will be able to use their football cage to minister into schools during the summer term. 

Saturday 15
Thank God for the faithfulness of our supporters, for their sacrificial giving over many years – particularly over the last year with the impact of the pandemic – and pray for God’s protection and blessing on them asking that their needs will be met in every way possible.

Week Beginning May 16

Sunday 16
Praise God for the publication by SU Timor Leste of Following Jesus, a study guide on the Sermon on the Mount. Pray that it will be instrumental in helping young people grow as Jesus’ disciples.

Monday 17
Mission Events Coordinator Dai Bryant requests prayer for the event programme in the summer. Easter events took place online; please pray that by the summer we will be able to run events face to face, creating a better experience for children, young people and team.

Tuesday 18
The year-end audit is about to start involving the whole of the finance team and others. Pray for effective relationships with MacIntyre Hudson, our auditors, and clear communication, and for all the detailed work across the staff team to complete the text for our Annual Report and Accounts.

Wednesday 19
Pray for churches who are commissioning Faith Guides that the congregations will be supportive of the mission, praying for them and the 95.

Thursday 20
Local Mission Partner Living Stones Educational Trust, Manchester, ask us to pray for guidance, ideas and ways forward to expand connections with and support for families in the area, both the ones they already work with and the ones in great need, especially for the co-ordinator, Hannah, as she contacts families and young people through various IT platforms.

Friday 21
This would normally be prime time for planning and preparation for Lifepath Brinkburn to run in late June. Pray that God will give wisdom to Mission Enabler Geoff Brown and the team as they determine what to run and how to run it.

Saturday 22
Please pray for Rooted Junior – our upcoming new range of resources bringing the Rooted approach to those who work with 8- to 11-year olds. Pray that children will come to know the good news of Jesus for themselves through their Rooted Junior group.

Week Beginning May 23

Sunday 23
SU Malaysia Sabah praises God for the first Zoom camp they held for trainee teachers. Pray for those working hard to produce a new series of Bible reading notes Renungan Keluarga (Family Devotion) in Bahasa Malaysia.

Monday 24
Thank God for all he has provided and pray for growth and provision so that more children and young people can be reached. Pray for the fundraising team asking that God will guide their every step and that the work they do will be full of his wisdom.

Tuesday 25
Please pray for Esther Calvert-Jordan and Leanne Sheppard in their roles as Content Innovators. Ask God to help them discover new and innovative ideas for sharing the good news of Jesus with the 95.

Wednesday 26
Pray for holiday and mission leaders as they plan for the summer, still with uncertainty about how things will look this year. Pray for wisdom in how to pick up the links again after a year of only online activity.

Thursday 27
Local Mission Partner The Wave works with children and young people in Swanage through clubs and school activities. For most of the last year much of the activity has been online or through the distribution of gift packs. Pray that good contacts will have been maintained and that children will have grown in faith. 

Friday 28
We always want to be thinking carefully, prayerfully and biblically about all aspects of faith and mission, as we reach out to the 95 with Jesus’ love. Pray for wisdom and boldness for Director of Culture and Innovation Terry Clutterham as he heads up the thought leadership work.

Saturday 29 Please pray for the future of the SU Creative Collective. Events for this group were paused during lockdown in 2020 and are yet to resume. Pray for continued creativity and for the opportunities for members to contribute digitally until face-to-face contact is restored.


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