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Prayer and chaplaincy

Spending time in prayer before embarking on schools ministry is key. We want to resource you with ideas and inspiration to help you bring others together to pray



We want to inspire you to pray for schools. We also want to encourage you to get others, including teachers, parents, students and congregations, to pray for schools.

Pray for Schools is a great network that inspires people to pray and set up prayer groups and events.

Let's also excite children and young people to pray in their school. The brilliant Prayer Spaces in Schools network and website is a great resource to encourage children and young people to pray.

We are partners of Pray for Schools, a network with a vision to see every school a prayed for school. On the Pray for Schools website there are lots of resources to help you pray for your local schools, including for Pray for Schools fortnight, Back to School Sunday, Pray Day for Schools and more.
Prayer Spaces in Schools is a project of 24-7 Prayer and is a resource hub for the growing network of practitioners running prayer spaces or reflective spaces in schools.


Chaplaincy Central is a Christian network and resource hub for those involved in school or further education chaplaincy.

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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