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Wonder Zone

Encourage children to explore the wonders of the world and discover how the God behind all of it wants to get to know them with Wonder Zone - our 5 day Bible-based holiday club!

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Wonder Zone


During Wonder Zone, the children will meet Solomon and his desire to be wise. They will explore three Psalms and see what those tell us about God. They'll see Jesus bring sight to a blind man and light to the world. And they'll hear the story of the lost son who is welcomed back by his father. 

Along the way, they'll have fun discovering the wonders of the universe!

Fact File and Lab Book

Workbooks to use at Wonder Zone

Fact File, for younger children and Lab Book for older ones, have been specially created for the children attending your Wonder Zone holiday club. These great little workbooks are packed with games, quizzes, and activities and contain the Bible references and text that you will use during the club. These are also a great take-home keep sake for the children.

At £10 per pack of  10 books these make an affordable addition to your club.

Wonder Zone Kids

Join the Wonder Zone Lab and explore some great scientific discoveries

Packed with creative ideas on how to explore and discover some of the wonders of the universe and the wonders of God. There are also ideas for experiments, construction (craft), games, drama, creative prayer and worship. Wonder Zone has a mixture of upfront presentation and small-group activities allowing children and leaders to build meaningful relationships with each other and with God.


Creative partnership

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Wonder Zone has been produced in collaboration with The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. The Faraday Institute is an interdisciplinary research and communication enterprise linked to the University of Cambridge. Their Youth and Schools Team are committed to providing high-quality events and resources that encourage young people of all backgrounds to explore the interactions of science and religious faith in exciting and engaging ways. They think it's really important that all young people are able to search for answers to any and all of their questions, at any age. Learn more about the Faraday Institute on their website

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We love creating holiday club resources to support you in reaching out to children and young people.

Holiday clubs are a great way of opening a door for communities to access the church in a fun, non-formal way, and a fantastic way to grow leaders within your church as they get involved in helping out!

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