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Holiday clubs are a great way to connect with families and children aged between 5 and 11 in your community. Our creative team has produced some amazing resources with you in mind, here are some of our latest club books for you to explore.

Deep Sea Divers inside look

Deep Sea Divers

Grab your snorkel and jump in! Deep Sea Divers is an underwater-themed holiday club resource that invites children to deep dive into the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus using the book of Matthew. 

Suitable for children and young people both familiar and unfamiliar with church this great new addition to our holiday club resources offers all the usual brilliant content and additional online downloads, alongside brilliant workbooks for children to complete and take home.

Help children discover the depths of Jesus' love for them with Deep Sea Divers.

The Restoration Station Resource Book

The Restoration Station

At The Restoration Station holiday club, children will be introduced to Jesus as a restorer. Using key stories from John’s Gospel, the children will discover how Jesus is the master craftsman who heals and restores. Each day they will be given the opportunity to explore who Jesus is and respond to him in appropriate ways.

The Restoration Station also covers themes of fear, feeling broken on the inside and how God can be both a rock and a shelter.

Diary of a Disciple: Luke's Story Holiday Club

Diary of a Disciple: Luke's Story

Based on the award-winning Diary of a Disciple: Luke’s Story, this holiday club introduces children to Jesus and invites them to consider his question:

‘Who do you say I am?’

Each day unpacks a little of Jesus’ story from Luke’s Gospel, beginning with the traditional Christmas narrative, moving on to explore some of Jesus’ teachings and miracles, leading up to and concluding with the Easter story.



Wonder Zone

Wonder Zone

During the Wonder Zone holiday club children will meet Solomon and his desire to be wise. They will explore three psalms and see what those tell us about God. They'll see Jesus bring sight to a blind man and light to the world. And they'll hear the story of the lost son who is welcomed back by his father. 

Find out who God is and how exploring science and following him can go hand in hand.

Find out about our new exciting holiday club Backpackers


With a travel theme, there’s plenty of exploring, fun and games, crafting, and more, as the children journey through European cities.

At Backpackers children will travel with Jesus as he arrives in Jerusalem and explore the events of his last week on earth – helping them to understand his journey to death and his glorious resurrection.

The Backpackers daily programme focuses on awesome accounts from the Gospel of Matthew, introducing the love of God, as seen on the cross, and inviting children to encounter and respond to God’s plan of salvation.

Team Builders

Team Builders

The TeamBuilders daily programme focuses on awesome stories from the Bible (including Joseph, Moses, Esther, Jesus and Paul) – each one giving children the opportunity to see what life is like on God’s team, and inviting them to join his team for themselves!





Looking for some older Holiday Club resources? While we no longer print these there's still some great usable content to explore!

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